Elf - World's Smart Scooter with AI Algorithms

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World's Smart Scooter with AI Algorithms



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Elf was presented as "the world's smart scooter" because of
one-button controls for the easiest operations, and backed by the power of the A.I. algorithms, Elf learns from you. The Elf is light and foldable, with long-range battery with smart power management. It can be remotely locked and unlocked when parked. When you download its app, you transform your phone in the best scooter dashboard, with the coolest features




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I like anti theft and really good and cool to safe guard it. nice one


I like anti theft
And really good and cool to
Safe guard it. nice one

                 - alokkumar121

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

So basically this is the Uber version of scooter and that's great as let us try other fun ways of urban mobility.

Great and innovative find. I really like to ride electric products. I have purchased this scooter for my adventures.


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