Home Sleep Test - Evaluate your current sleep symptoms

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Home Sleep Test

Evaluate your current sleep symptoms



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Home Sleep Test is a modern, small monitor and it evaluates your current sleep symptoms. Your sleep test is done in the comfort of your own bed from the comfort of your own home and. You wear the small and modern monitor for three nights, and it sends your sleep data to your mobile phone. After three days, Highmed's sleep professional reads your data, prepares your results and walks you through the report and answer any questions you may have.




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good to know the health status through sleep pattern. nice hunt

Wow! What a great product you have searched. I have seen many types of products like this but this is so good as people can able to sleep and can find out the reasons why they can't sleep and can fix them. Great Hunt!

Love all this health alike gadget that helps us improve every aspect of our life.

Great hunt!

What a great and amazing hunt. I totally appreciate your effort you can find best device for us to check our sleeping time and other things. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

This is good for people who snore but just can't believe it when their spouse tells them. This way there will be some evidence and some information about what part of the sleep cycle it is happening in.

Insomnia or sleep disorder is a major root of anxiety and some of the psychological problems as well that can even destroy a person's personal and professional life, the way this device work and the services they are providing are admirable.

Wow. It's great. By monitoring the sleep status we can easily identify the symptoms of our sleeping

this sleep test is new of knowing our sleep habits and improving if needed.


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