Klokbox - The safest way to give my family everything they'll need!

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The safest way to give my family everything they'll need!



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Hunter's comment

When tragedy struck our family we realized that Dad suddenly dying meant lots would change. Our loss of his memories, his inspiration and shared stories was compounded by his not having a will. That certainly put things into perspective and I didn't want history repeating itself.

I was looking for a really safe way to let my family know how much I cared in case anything should happen to me. To do this, all I could find were expensive lawyers who made the process complex and impersonal.

Klokbox has evolved into a strong desire for a clear, enduring legacy to my wife and 5 kids. A way I can connect with them after I'm gone. I wanted to create something they could interact with forever, but at the same time it all needed to be clear, concise and legally binding.

Times change and industries get disrupted. Klokbox connects your life plan for future generations. It's literally your digital diary, a place to express your intentions with clarity, to give inspiration. Klokbox-7.png




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Great app for fathers to prepare their will. Nice hunt, but what if it is not the father that first go out of this world?


That's a great question @seepup! Actually, a lady reached out saying that she would have loved to have Klokbox before her child passed away. That would have helped her ease the pain. If she only could hear his voice again... We are trying to reach parents who understand this parent-child bond and then encourage the kids to use Klokbox as well. Klokbox isn't just a place to create an eternal connection with your family but also a digital safe (the safest I may add). Also, it's an app to manage your assets and write your will. That's what we understand though legacy, you don't only organize your physical assets but also organize your memories for your family, either that's your parents or your kids.

This sounds like a great way to preserve family memories for the subsequent generations. My only worry is that online services like this don't last, so take back-ups of everything.


Thank you @alyssasanders for your feedback. We strike to create an eternal connection with future generations but backups is always a great idea.

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