Urban Float - A one of a kind floating experience

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Urban Float

A one of a kind floating experience



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Rest in a private, sensory-managed float pod for 60-minutes.
Weightlessly relax in purified water & 1,200 lbs of epsom salt for proven physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Treat yourself to a unique experience inside a pod where all you have to do is lie down, relax and float your way to a healthier you. Flotation therapy has been known to provide physical, emotional and mental benefits. Click the link below to know more about it.




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Nice, this could be a very cool way to reduce tensions and anxiety. Pretty cool innovation water is always a healer form me when i get depressed i always take an hour of a bath. Like laying in a water tub is really helps me to avoid all sadness. Hehe without knowing about this i already know that it means whoever invented
this idea must have the same experience :P cool hunt well done


Thank you. Spending time alone in the water is a good idea for retrospection.

Only available in the US. Hopefully, they will expand or even make it a franchise.


I hope so too. Would love to try this out someday.

I've heard many great things about these but I haven't tied any. One thing I know from my life is being alone is the best time to retrospect, meditate and grow. We are born aloe and we die alone. What we become spiritually and psychologically is our responsibility. Here are two videos that can help people better understand the experience:


Really appreciate you sharing these videos man! I agree, being alone is a great time to retrospect and reflect on one's life and direction. Thanks for looking into my post!


remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

some power tips for the next hunt.. .

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Thanks! Will keep these tips in mind!

This looks so relaxing and peaceful. While I think with my closed eyes, I think it would be heaven. Excellent find dear @andywong31. I like this hunt and boosted it. Keep up your good job.


appreciate the gesture and thanks for reading my post!

That looks fantastic to getting proper relaxing while floating on this pod. It's something like a peaceful moment when we feel relaxed and stay away from stress. This gives must be an awesome experience.


Although its a good idea, i dont know what it must be like claustrophic people though.

Well, this looks like a good and more fun way of relaxing than visiting a spar. I would not mind trying this out but I am sure it will be damn expensive. Cool hunt


i agree! this is one of those things where its good to indulge in once in awhile! thanks for reading my post! :)

Wow, just amazing, if you are tired, but spend some work in this rest box, this would definitely work and all your tiredness will be gone. Can i get the real price of this stunning product?


I believe the price can be found in their website link posted above. Thanks for reading my post!

This is a very nice solution reducing anxiety and work pressure. Hopefully people will aware from this and get pod into daily life and get relaxation. Awesome Hunt!


Thank you! 😀

The benefits you get from this floating therapy are similar to meditating benefits:) It is reducing stress, pain, and increases optimism, and much more similar effects as you are meditating. I saw the pricing, it is not so expensive taking in consideration the experience you will have. These experiences can be a huge helping tool for the every day life, regarding higher work productivity, silent mind for increased creativity and many more benefits. Thanks for sharing:)

@chuuuckie, i am sure u are stressful with your study, try this!
@mawahab i am sure u are stressful with your :chicken: :shit: , try this!

Wow, I'm fascinated by the fact that this technology is really important for you to find this great technology and it is so delightful that it can not be expressed. Of course, technology is giving us so much, giving us ideas about so many things making it easy for us to prove it

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. You find best and perfect product for us. Our life is very stressful. Our mind relaxation is very important. Otherwise our health is not good. This floating experience gives you more relaxation and your mind become very healthy. I m sure peoples really like and use this innovative product. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Our life is full of stress and other problems which effected directly and damage us physically and mentally. Mostly people used drugs and some uses other ways to get rid off tensions. "Urban Float" really gives us a new way to overcome this problem so we are able keep us refresh by this unique innovation. I congratulate to you for on top list because your hunt deserved for No.1

Unique Floating Therapy.



Thanks man! I never expected for my post to go trending.

I want to jump in this right now. Looks so alluring and so relaxing. Can't imagine how light headed and relaxed I'd feel after this.

Excellent product to me it's exterior looks like a space ship from the future and the interior creates a polished and varnished vessel for warmth and relaxation. It should provide tremendous relaxation experience and looks perfect for those lazy days when sunlight prevents you napping comfortably in addition it's easy to use Just add water pop in and spent the time away with top open or close for privacy on top of that it also looks great for saloons cause it offers wide range of automated wellness services. Awesome Search


Yes. It really does look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Thanks for reading!

This is awesome. What did I hear about Epsom salt bath again? It can relieve stress, stiff joints, sunburn, control rapid heart beat and a lot of other important things. This is a great hunt!

Thanks for putting out something this good.


Youre welcome!

Cool hunt mate.

Beside of the high price , i think everyone should have this in their home, they can have some relaxing and peaceful moment after the tired day.


i myself would want to have this at my home. hehe thanks for reading!


  • Perfect floating product.
  • Looks fantastic.
  • Don't occupy much space.
  • stress reliever.


  • too much expensive. .

Cool technology for health benefits which give physical, emotional and mental benefits to people nice and unique unique experience thanks for share impressive hunt bro keep hunting 😍


Youre welcome!

I do not really believe it, and I think I have lost in the imagination world. You shared a great hunt among us and it is really great to relax our body. After all the work we all want to be relaxed and it's really good for us. It's extraordinary for being in like down and it really will play an important role in our everyday life. Thank you so much for sharing it among us



Thanks! 😀

Awesome One!
It seems pretty luxurious and not affordable for everyone but I must say it is superb way to relax the body because due to our busy life style we are forgetting to take break for body. It is enjoyable and definitely gonna boost concentration and productivity. BTW they are giving coupon code as well- FIRSTTIME for 45 usd discount... :grinning:
Thank You and Have a Good DaY!


Thanks for reading my post! 😀

This seems like a nice tech for relieving your body of stress. Flotation can give a feeling of weigthlessness which have many health benefits.
Great hunt

Based on flotation therapy, this product seems a great tool for relaxation and to have a quality sleep with reduced pain. There are numerous mental, physical and emotional benefits of this product that brings it at top of the list of such products. Great hunt @andywong31.

@ andywong31 Hello dear friend, excellent the product that you have found, everything that has to do with health deserves to be known and what better than our platform, it is also a unique product, at least I never saw anything like it.
Undoubtedly it is ideal for the times in which we live, where stress is at the order of the day, water is a source of energy for our body. I like all its benefits
I wish you a wonderful weekend


Agree! Thanks man

After a day of hard work or just a lot of hassle, lying down in this Urban Float should be the most relaxing experience there is. I imagine the feeling must be very gratifying... I particularly liked its design, it looks like a small spaceship.

Great hunt! Thanks for share!


Yeah, aesthetically it really looks like a spaceship. Hehe thanks!

its deep water or there is floor down ? 😂 i would feel so trapped inside it ? 😂 btw its great to have these kind of things for relaxation after a very hard and tough tired journey or working ...

Great hunt friend keep on hunting 😊upvoted😊


I believe based on the platform, its only a few feet deep and it cant drown anyone as the epsum salt in the water will float the body.

Floating therapy is much beneficial to release the stress. Urban Float is a great hunt and team behind this invention is intellectual and much appreciated. Now a days our busy life style have made our life stressful due to which most of people suffering the depression. This hunt will be helpful to maintain better health and fitness also.

Wow this is power flotation therapy, imagining how it the awesome feeling when one get into this pod. This will true reduce stress and increase mindfulness. great hunt


completely agree! thanks for reading!

lol, this is a way to have a really nice time, the floating in water and the other things abound to it will surely make it cool for relaxation

@andywong31, this is a cool hunt. This is quite interesting with this floating experience to have this kind of therapy to get a resting benefits so that we can renew emotionally and physically. All this is interesting concepts. Need to try this out. Great hunt.


having a renewed sense of self is really under-rated. a lot of people go through their routine day by day without knowing their body is already suffering from the daily grind. indulging in this experience once in a while can truly do wonders to the body! thanks for dropping by!

Wow ,this are really very innovative and exceptional. Hope this are well modified with more facilities. People easily choice this for relaxing. I also like this thanks for share .


Thanks for dropping by!

This seem to be one of the fantastic way to relax and feel rejuvenate. Flotation therapy is new method with technology to have our body and mind relaxed. Great Hunt

I could use it right now lol and yep as it seems the perfect idea to enjoy some me time and get relaxed at the same time. Besides would sure be perfect for busy people who do not read get much of a time to get relaxed from time to time & of course for everyone else as well. Nice hunt I must say !!


Thanks man! Appreciate you reading my post!

Great Hunt! This one is really incredible that a floating pod can provide you relaxation and make you healthier sounds good i never heard this type of technology but it is a great invention in the field of science and health of this floatation therapy


truly an innovative product i should say!

Floating inside Urban Float will definitely create an experience that has never been found elsewhere. Am sure that stress will be reduce inside the pond since one only float. This technology of floating is great. Nice hunt @andywong31

Over the years, and as long as we work, our body needs care. Massage, spas and holiday are very important for us to relax both physically and psychologically. But I've never seen such an effective method of swimming or standing on water like this to the human body, muscles and mentally.


Our body do tend to break down from wear and tear, so its a good idea to indulge in an experience like this from time to time.

it is unique treatment style,, every one wana weight loss


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