CONTEST! Create a video about @Steemhunt | WINNER of the @Fundition Video

2년 전

Steemhunt is one of the Dapps based on the Steem Blockchain, its number of users and purpose is by far one of the mos popular on Steem. Most of us have heard about it and how it works.

The purpose of this contest is to encourage Steemians to create a video speaking about how SteemHunt works, what is its purpose, its role on our Blockchain and in your own words, why is Steemhunt one of the best Blockchain DApps out there.

Why is the @steemonboarding team making this @blocktrades sponsored contest?

Easy. We want to feature that video on our website so, people from all over the world can know about Steemhunt.

The Steem ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate and the Steemhunt DApp is getting more and more hunts (or reviews) and daily users as every day goes by.

We need a video that we can show our grandma and she can completely understand what is Steemhunt, why is it a groundbreaking Dapp, how does it work and every other detail about it.

Create a Video speaking about @Steemhunt and win three full 100% votes from @Blocktrades

Points to consider for the video tutorial

The video must:

  • Be in english with a good pronunciation and grammar.
  • Not be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Include visual aid. The most visually appealing and explicit the video is, the better.

The video must include the next topics:

  • Introduction:
    • What is Steemhunt?
    • Points of contact: Website, Steem username, discord etc. Make it very simple, don´t confuse the viewer.
    • Advantages of using Steemhunt to make product reviews, pros of using Steemhunt to find groundbreaking products that we, as final user, are interested in.

  • Body
    • How does Steemhunt work? Don´t go too much into detail, but be thorough about the who, how and where can someone make a hunt. Explain the rules for a hunt to be valid.
    • As a product consumer, how to Browse Steemhunt in order to find what we are looking for.
    • Different approaches and potential usage a Steemian can give to Steemhunt. What is achievable by using Steemhunt?

  • Conclusion:
    • You know Steemhunt. Close the video with some of the best arguments you can come up with, to make people start using Steemhunt and if they are not part of the Steem Blockchain, to create an account and start using Steem and it´s different DApps.

Rules for participating

1.- You have until Wednesday April 10th at 11:59 pm PST to submit your video.
2.- The title of your video must be similar to "Tutorial: What is Steemhunt? - A blocktrades sponsored contest" or "How does Steemhunt work? - A blocktrades sponsored contest. It doesn´t have to be exactly the same as these two, but it has to be similar.
3.- Use the tags "Steemhunt", "Blocktrades" and "Blocktradescontest"
4.- Resteem this post.


The videos that follow all the instructions stated here, will receive a small vote from Blocktrades, regardless of the outcome of this contest.

By entering this contest, the Steem User grants the rights of the video submitted to @steemonboarding to use the video for promotional purposes in and outside the Steem Blockchain.

This contest outcome will be judged by the @steemonboarding team and someone from the @steemhunt team. The winner will be picked depending on the needs of the Steemonboarding Project.

Winner! The Fundition video creation contest.

A couple of weeks ago we made a similar contest about Fundition and making a video tutorial, you can check it out here

We want to thank everyone who joined this contest, it was really hard to pick a winner but in the end, there can only be one video featured on the @steemonboarding website.

Congratulations @xcountytravelers!

Tutorial: What is Fundition? - A blocktrades sponsored contest (Xcountytravelers Entry)

Your video was amazing, it covered all the points the @fundition team and the @steemonboarding team wanted to, so please get in touch with me on discord #8455 @anomadsoul to give you those three juicy @blocktrades votes!

Thanks so much everyone for joining this contest and remember...

@blocktrades also runs a Steem Witness. Don´t forget to vote for them here to show them your support!

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This was lovely. Looking forward to More, Here's My Entry for the Steemhunt Contest.

Best Wishes,



Oh my! Thank you so very much. We love Steem and the community here. I am hoping that comes across. So excited and i cant wait to see what your next co test brings. There some really good ones we went up against. Thanks so much.


Thanks for making such a great entry!


You are most welcome. We had fun doing it.

Thank you so much for running this contest :)
Steemhunt will also support votes for the winners!

If anyone wants to know more about Steemhunt and its HUNT platform, visit for more details 🙏🏻

not part of the contest but if people want to learn more outside of the 5 minutes here is a free basic course on steemhunt! -- -- bunch of free tickets for it, enjoy! you can also find more steem related videos on too! -- best of luck to whoever wins this contest however!


Definitely something worth checking out, great info! A resteem/vote to this post will help out for visibility and to try and get more people to join the contest though. Good to hear about you man!


good to hear you too.

Hey Eric,

This is an awesome contest! Thanks so much for organising it and thanks @blocktrades for the sponsorship! @steemonboarding is such an exciting project and so I was super pumped to combine my love of @steemhunt, @steemonboarding and @dtube.

Here is my entry.

If there is anything you want changed, please let me know!

It's really a nice initiative and tbh it was really great to share the views of mine towards @STEEMHUNT

My Entry

Finally , able to make one before 10 Apr.

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Finally completed my basic video. Hope my rambling about Steemhunt is usable. Cheers and thanks for organising these awesome contest.

Congratulations to @xcountytravelers for an awesome job on that fantastic video! 😃


Thank you very much. We loved putti g it together.

Amazing contest. I invite friends @Liltom002 @Evegrace @Prettyglo to join the contest.

I didnt know fundition but after watching the quiet explaining by ren and scott It was clear so great pick ! @xcountytravelers congrats on winning you maybe can do a steemterminal one 😉


Thanks for sure. We enjoyed putting the video together.


On to the next one I say

Well this is another great initiative, I am feeling interested to participate here.

First ... Great Initiative to support Steem, Steem dApps & Steemians ... Wish you all the best.

Second ... Congratulations @xcountytravelers for your win and for your excellent tutorial.


Thank you so very much. We were hoping everyone would enjoy the infomercial as much as my grandmother did.

Congratulations @xcountytravelers!!!! How awesome is this!??

Clearly a great choice!!!



Thank you so very much. It was so fun.

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Good work my friend 👍


Thanks. It was fun to do.

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Resteemed this article. I hope the contest will be successful.

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Thanks so much !! Good morning 😎❤️

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Thanks for this awesome contest...♥
As a member of @steemhunt i love this contest.
Here my Entry..

Here is my entry, I hope you will like it :

I think it might be good to hold this contest other than English in the future.

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true that


You should do in English with Japanese translations

How I missed this 🤔....still few days to go...will try to make one

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This Is My Second Entry into the Contest. Not sure if we can submit two. I had forgotten about my first which was 7 days ago:

Steemit Link:

Dtube Link:!/v/jeronimorubio/5hthyfrn

Blogger Link:

Dailymotion Link:

Twitter Link:

Youtube Link:

Thanks for posting taht contest! Steemhunt is awesome and here is my entry! -

Steemhunt Contest.png

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Just got mine, I hope im not late!

There ya go. Its been a long time no vlog. Special thanks to those guys who encouraged me to post at video again.

Hey @anomadsoul a friend of mine told me about this contest, so i produced a video :D i think this is very meaningful work what you guys are doing!
check it out here: