Onemix 2S - Transformable Pocket PC with Touchscreen, SSD & Fingerprint


Onemix 2S

Transformable Pocket PC with Touchscreen, SSD & Fingerprint



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Hunter's comment

Onemix 2S is basically a super-powerful mini laptop encapsulated in a small frame but with a lot of graphics and processing power. This gadget also has a convertible touch screen that allows us to place the laptop in several ways.


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Onemix 2 S is nice product which has plenty of useful features that will make the user experience way better. It's like a strong pocket pc which is small in size but offering is great. Nice hunt

Great Hunt! Seems very attractive and interesting gadget that can be converted to a laptop, However, it would be used as a tablet coz nowadays everyone has their own laptop and pc but maybe in some cases it would be very helpful and useful for some specific task because of its processing power

Great Hunt! Impressive and highly useful features. The Intel 8th generation CPU should provide some serious performance and it only weights little over half a kilogram. It's Windows 10 instead of some mobile OS. There is even a Stylus Pen, 6500 mAh battery and 8 GB RAM (would have been even better if it was 12 GB)

The only real competition I'm seeing is from Microsoft Surface Duo for 2020

It looks very powerful considering the size in addition it is super portable UMPC with 360 degree hinge & it screen also looks so bright with great color coverage. Overall it looks awesome! would be funny to play some games anywhere. Sad i cant even pay a regular laptop. Nice Hunt

This is really classic.
Place the system in different ways and still enjoy it every single time.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us


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