Notes Plus - Like pen on paper, but quite better

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Notes Plus

Like pen on paper, but quite better



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Hunter's comment

Better than pen on paper, Hunters I present to you an app which is stylistic in nature.


  • Available only on iOS devices.
  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Stylistic background with great GUI.
  • Get the best handwriting experience with this app
  • Supports up to 52 different languages
  • Convert handwriting into text
  • Easy to import PDF and DOC files from phone memory
  • Insert images and pictures from your phone
  • Export finished articles in different file format
  • A personal in-built browser for quick searches online
  • An audio recording feature is available while taking notes.



Hunter: @bcrafts

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hi there, please edit the title of this post to include only the name of the app "notes plus" so that I can pass it! thank you :)

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I have made the necessary adjustment


I have made the necessary adjustment

A stylistic app that can be use by both andriod and IOS users. It's provides an easy way through one can import files from phone memory

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