- New from Microsoft. Cortana schedules your meetings

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New from Microsoft. Cortana schedules your meetings



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Using intelligent technology, can help you save time when scheduling meetings.
Delegate the scheduling of your meetings to Cortana by simply cc'ing her. Powered by human and machine intelligence.

Schedules your meeting easily

Saves your time and energy

Easy to use

A product of Microsoft

Powered by Artificial Intelligence



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This is an incredible app that help you conserve your schedules. It is convenient to use with friendly user interface that you will experience. I will try this one out.

Hey, @benedetto you found cool things which will help to manage time easily and provide you complete schedule of each and every day overall great hunt.


Schedules intelligently
With the speed of artificial intelligence and the personal touch of a human assistant, it’s the best of both worlds. Cortana communicates with your contacts by email to provide a natural, almost human, scheduling experience.
Knows your calendar works with your Office 365,, or Google calendar. Cortana, using, knows your meeting preferences and uses them to find the best times

You know how important it is to schedule a meeting. It's very important to us in the business community. Thanks for looking out for us.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us

I did not know that Microsoft had this product.
I'm going to read all the info. I'm sure we'll save time thanks to this platform.
Thanks for sharing