Cusby - USB-C Modular & Expandable Solution for the New Mac Book



USB-C Modular & Expandable Solution for the New Mac Book



Hunter's comment

Cusby uses the advances of the new USB-C standard, lets you to build customs sets of different communication ports, combine and interchange them as easy as adding "Building Blocks", they're completely expandable and for every Cusby you connect a new USB-C port is created.

Amazing usb c post

Can convevt to multiple monitors at same time.

Expands to connect more devices

Smart and secured

Easy to use

Reduces cabling issues



Hunter: @berwyn

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What more do i want in a device , as long as it is secured and easy to use . This particular device can convert to multiple monitor too

A product that provides ease of use and intelligent security for letters. USB-C port for those who prefer features. Thanks for sharing.

USB-C is great for the new Mac Book. It is a multi monitor connector and can also expand as needed. Very secure too. Good hunt.

Hi @berwyn, amazing post and useful for people.This let's users to expand their vision and tech horizon, details you have provided are good.