Bike Dash Excite! - Physics based motorbike game

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Bike Dash Excite!

Physics based motorbike game



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Hunter's comment

This is a great game that will make you to spend hours lost in the excitement while you are having a real good time. It is a lot of fun as you see sometimes the bike and body just get disjointed and explode.

The game is a good pixel art and the track in the background is something to behold and be fascinated with. Sometime it can be hard but it is all fun. The game is also physics based. It is a game where you will also discover weird techniques and this is part of the fun.

Check out this new motorcycle racing game created with Pixel Game Maker MV!
Tame your wild and jacked-up bike to fly through the various stages and rub your awesome clear times in your opponents’ faces!
This simple minigame was created using Pixel Game Maker MV, which allows anyone to create their very own original action games with ease.



Hunter: @beulahlandeu

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