Eyecon - Photo based Phone book manager and security

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Photo based Phone book manager and security




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Does your phone contact has no photo identifications?
and you have no time supplying it so ?
Let Eyecon do the job for you


  • syncs with Facebook and other social media channel to pick out the true photo of your contact for you to have a photo-based phonebook and dialer
  • identifies the true photo of your caller thru facebook and other social media identifiers. Thus, you are safe from unwanted callers and contacts. So you can take necessary action to block it or not
  • sync with other social media for single link communications with all your contacts
  • organizes your phonebook depending who you often use and then be placed on the top or first
  • it has a game where you can participate in reviewing the photos automatically synced with your contact. Thus, you see the latest photo of your contact.
  • aids you in adding a new contact with photo and names ahead
  • the photo identification of your contact is also the shortcut link towards their social media app. Just tap the photo and connect with them on the web


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Hunter: @beyonddisability


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