Oittm - Smart Mosquito Killer

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Smart Mosquito Killer



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Hunter's comment

When I went outside in hot weather, I had a lot of trouble because mosquitoes were constantly attacking me.
The same goes for home. Since there is no air conditioner in my house, many mosquitoes come into the house if I leave the window open.
I introduce the smart mosquito killer here today.
Because it uses USB power, it is said that you can catch mosquitoes if you connect to USB anywhere.
They say it is safe to use it indoors because it is Non-toxic.
It is also easy to use and clean.
It is also said that you can connect with your smartphone to remotely control and timer, and you can connect with Google Alexa to use it wisely.
This is a necessary product for my family this summer.




Hunter: @bigjoy


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Mosquitoes free! good hunt.

haha it's cool! Bur I wonder: how does this device attract mosquitoes? Using scents?


Yea u made sense, how does it attract?


  • Make you fell relax
  • Protect you from sickness
  • Con:
  • No Con for this post
  • Hunting mosquitoes, great one

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