Trivia Crack (Application) - Let's learn while having fun!

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Trivia Crack (Application)

Let's learn while having fun!


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Trivia Crack is a mobile gaming application where players can play with their friends or anywhere in the world.You can challenge your friends when you connect with your other friends via social media accounts and you can compete against them in the 25 laps in total.The game also allows you to chat with your friends through the game.As you play, you will have badges and some success cards that you earned over time.This is quite enjoyable game for Andorid and iOS can download for free.First of all, we have to choose how and with whom we play.After this process, we will start to compete with more than one category separately.If you are the first, you get all the gold and points.When you say play now you will start the game. We are now confronted with our rival. When we turn, the wheel of fortune will return and give us a category. If we have the right to return, we can re-translate if we do not like the categorie.




Hunter: @busegarg

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