Yoli - A New Way To Earn Money From Tutoring Others With Smartphone

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A New Way To Earn Money From Tutoring Others With Smartphone






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😎Hi Cool Steemhunters!😎

The product that we will discuss this time is called "Yoli". That is one of the interconnection applications with WeChat to deliver language learning with Peer-to-Peer system through Smartphone.

Keep in mind that Yoli will release globally, so that everyone in different parts of the world can enjoy this app.

Then, What are the benefits of Yoli?

With an App, people over the world can tutor on the platform and earn

I, you, @steemhunt members, and all the people in the world who like "Teaching / Tutoring" can make money from teaching activities. In a way, Yoli became a new breakthrough for making money for teachers and mentors around the world.

In fact, if a serious teacher uses this platform, he can earn $ 20 per hour, yes "by the hour", just by using Smartphone + Yoli.

Perhaps the members @steemhunt can already imagine how Yoli will change the paradigm in teaching and learning today that is still constrained by various rules.

I hope Yoli not only facilitates language learning, but also other lessons, including STEM.




Hunter: @calprut


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Looks interesting!

applications are very helpful to human needs today. Language is one of the skills that everyone must have. I agree if this YOLI language teacher application can be a very useful language application for teaching the language in the future. because in addition to an easy way using a smartphone, this application can also generate money $$$$$$.


what if there are people like me who want to teach a language using YOLI app but not yet master it. Is this application complicated to understand?


🤡 🤡 🤡 Awesome @Johntor 🤡 🤡 🤡

You give really cool explanatioin about
From my product reviews, and that's really cool.

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