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Get hundreds of offers in 1 minute!










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Rhniooffers is an internet shopping center in the United Kingdom.

Register first. Then complete all the information. You will receive an email confirmation message. After you confirm it, you are free! Now you can be happy with cheap and beautiful products.

Write and wait for the product you're looking for. You will find the best match between hundreds of stores and offers.

No more taking a screenshot. You can share products you buy or buy from social media! Is not it beautiful?

You can talk to the stores, ask them questions. You can find millions of products because they have 12 different business categories.

Come on try it you :)




Hunter: @canburaksimsek


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A new way of doing your own business, nice @canburaksimsek for sharing this. Please see my personal review below :

Pros :

  • This would serve as an advertising platform to your business especially if it is online and over the internet. You can have enough visibility so new clients or customers could see them and even purchase your service or products.
  • Engaged customers will automatically redirects to your shop where it is online or offline and that they have the option to choose whether they will be connecting using their smartphone(Android) or computer(Web).This will act as convenient options for customers.
  • You have the option to closely interact with your customers and client with their features available to be used.
  • You can select images either GIF or PNG which do you think you prefer the most.
  • You can clearly define your business according to category which will help customers and clients easily browse and match what they are looking for.
  • You can even put some supporting documents, coupons, discounts and memo so customers and client could check them out and even download them easily for their local copy.

Cons :

  • Some disadvantage about this feature is that the physical condition of the item purchase is not the same with what's on online. Better for client and customer to check and verify their products before they will be paying it.

This is vey good. I love it. Very fast. Great.

Do they export outside the UK?


No. Currently only UK

thanks for this useful information.


thanks bro !


  • It is good for people as all the thing can do with the internet
  • The interface is very user-friendly and easy to use
  • Many kinds of products can find in the platform


  • There are similar product already

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