Parrot Jumping Sumo - More Than A Drone, A Connected Robot

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Parrot Jumping Sumo

More Than A Drone, A Connected Robot



Hunter's comment

Jumping Sumo is a receptive robot that rolls, rushes, zigzags, circulates, takes turns at 90 °.


Jumping Sumo has 3 control modes:

✓ Jumper Mode: Jumps up to 80 cm tall and long, and always lands on its wheels.

57836051b13a3 (1).gif

✓ Kicker mode: Its spring allows you to push objects in its path.

✓ Auto-Balance Mode: Balancing a fashion, like a "Segway".


✓ Integrated Camera.

✓ Allows more precise turns than any car controlled by radio.

✓ Perform half and half turns in less than a second with your inertial unit.

✓ Express your mood with customizable sound animations.

As soon as you take it in your hands, the LED lights red and the information jump is off.



Price: 109,90 €

It Includes

✓ 1 Jumping Sumo
✓ 1 Micro-USB cable
✓ 3 Stickers
✓ 2 Rubber pads
✓ 1 Battery
✓ 1 Quick-start guide

Acrobatic tricks are available from the free app FreeFlight 3.


Available Colours





Hunter: @carlos1234

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Wow who hunts @ carlos1234! More and more advances in Drone technology. I'll leave you my comments on Pros and Cons for this hunt.


  • It has a futuristic design and very aggressive, also is made of extremely resistant materials.
  • It has a range is too high, since you can handle it up to 500 meters away.
  • Its handling is very easy and it has a camera that records 4K.


  • None for this hunt.

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