Quilo - Tower Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

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Tower Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier



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Hunter's comment

Quilo is an air cooler for the summer and a humidifier for the winter. Totally silent, its compact size makes it easier to take it from one room to another. In the summer, add water and the evaporative cooling technology goes to work, you can add ice to cool the air even faster. In winter, it helps add moisture to dry air. The humidifier component helps with dry skin and allergies. It offers energy savings of up to 90% less than traditional airs.




Hunter: @carlos1234


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Great hunt carlos. <3

I would kill for this product during this heatwave in Europe atm.

Keep it up!

This looks portable. I love the fact that it is easy to move from one place to another and doesn't make noise. Nice hunt!!!!

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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  • awesome design
  • very secure and silent
  • practical
  • has also cooling tech


  • don't have any

Thanks to steemhunt I found tones of humidifiers throughout hunt posts. Although, something I could never find, is, for example, all of the above, plus a DEhumidifier. Usually is something the AC's do very well, but never found one exemplary model or Kickstarter worth investing. If you find one, please find me on discord and drop me a link. I am looking for something high tech... not HIGH power.


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