RollingFWD - High-Tech Vibrating Foam Roller

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High-Tech Vibrating Foam Roller



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With RollingFWD there is faster recovery and better athletic performance, this roller takes deep tissue massage and adds the benefits of vibration for a better, deeper and more penetrating treatment. Tested by professional triathletes and Olympic athletes with overwhelming positive comments. It comes in 18 inches and 36 inches in length. In addition, the battery is rechargeable (maximum battery life of up to 11 hours), 3 speeds, soft touch foam.



Hunter: @carlos1234

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Great hunt @carlos1234! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.


  • Since it has been tested by professional athletes, you are guaranteed that it is effective and the product is trustworthy.

  • It has several price ranges so buyers have options to choose from depending on their budget.


Nothing I can think of.

Another wonderful hunt, this gadget can allow users get massage anytime they like instead of the normal massage done by humans, to me i feel this is economical and will save money all you need to do is charge and gadgets and continue using it.

How be never see such product before, but I believe it’s a good one for gym and some other event.

Good hunter work

Superb invention,secures immediate massage for individuals and reduces the wastave of manpower