Photos Companion - Now you have the AirDrop function on PC too

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Photos Companion

Now you have the AirDrop function on PC too








Hunter's comment

It's convenient to transmit files over wi-fi between your phone and computer. In the case of a Mac, because of the AirDrop feature, iOS devices do not need to be wired to transmit photos to the Mac. Now you can have the solution on PC too.
Photos Companion works with Microsoft Photos in Windows 10 to transfer photos and videos from a phone to a PC over Wi-Fi so you can enhance and edit, customize with ink, and share with friends.


  1. Mobile transfer features can be found in the Microsoft Photos app in Windows 10, version 2018.18011.13110.0 or higher. The latest version of Microsoft Photos can be found in the Microsoft Store.
  2. Make sure your phone and PC are on the same Wi-Fi network
  3. It works only on iOS and Android

・ 支援Window 10內建的Photos app,版本必須在2018.18011.13110.0以上

Setup the photos app

  1. Open the Photos app on your PC
  2. Select the three dots(...), and then Settings.
  3. Under Preview, turn on Help Microsoft test the mobile import over Wi-Fi features.
  4. Close the Photos app


Get started

  1. Open the Photos app
  2. Select Import > From mobile over Wi-Fi
  3. Use the Photos Companion app on your mobile device to scan the QRCode in the Window Photos app
  4. Pick your photos
  5. Send pictures and videos to your PC over Wi-Fi

在Window10 的Photos匯入選單打開“從行動裝置(透過Wi-Fi)”,便會出現一個專屬的QRcode。手機打開Photos Companion,選擇“Send Photos”,掃描QRcode進行配對,就可以選擇想要傳輸的照片和影片了。

Video Tutorial

I like the APP because

  1. The wireless transmit is much more convenient. You don't have to worry that you lose your data transfer cable.
  2. The mobile and PC are on the same Wi-Fi network so that the transfer is fast
  3. The QRcode will reproduce everytime you reconnect, so it's secure.
  4. You can add pictures and videos from your phone directly into a video project you create in the Photos app on the PC so that you can make an amazing masterpiece more easily and quickly.


  1. 無線傳輸的便利性相信大家都很清楚,從此擺脫線的困擾,而且再也不用擔心傳輸線遺失了
  2. 手機和電腦在同一個區域網路進行點對點傳輸,傳輸速度相當快
  3. 每次連結都會產生新的QRCode,提高了安全性
  4. 可以將照片及影片直接傳輸到在Photos創立的影片專案,讓你更快速的製作出專業的作品



Hunter: @catwomanteresa

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Look at you go! Well done, your post has been cleared for liftoff (aka @steemhunt Upvote!) Keep it up Hunter!



I like that you can add the pictures directly into any project you are doing
you can use the QR code to connect which makes it very easy
simply interface and easy to use
quality metrics
I do not see cons to make


It's very special that you can add the pictures and video into your project. It's very convenient.


  • Easy to use and get started
  • The shape of the product looks really good
  • Well done


  • Nah

Here's my review for this hunt :


  • An app for Android and iOS that makes it easy to transfer photos and videos from a phone to the Microsoft Photos app on a Windows 10 PC
  • Start a video project in the Photos app on the PC, and add pictures and videos from your phone directly into a project. Make a masterpiece on your own or pick a theme and let the app work its magic.
    -Transfer pictures and video from your camera roll into the Photos app so you can enhance and edit, customize with ink, and share with friends.

Cons :

  • No cons as it is very helpful.




It’s Awesome! @catwomanteresa | Sending photos & videos become easier

Note: This is just ”my personal opinion”, not intended to “judge” the reviews you have made.

The main advantages possessed by "Photos Companion" is to facilitate the transfer between Smartphone (Android & iOS) to PC. In addition, the instant editing feature with sync to Windows makes it even more promising.

Usually, we are difficult to transfer from iOS to PC (Windows), but with this application everything will run smoothly, and easily.

The ease of use becomes one of the latest breakthroughs, though temporary ones that can be transferred and edited are photos and videos.

Hopefully in the future, there are other additional features that are more qualified.


easy to transfer documents
QR code

Cons: none

Hi~ @catwomanteresa, Enjoy SteemHunt~~


Thank you very much @kimsungmin

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A great hunt


Thanks a lot

Interesting one!


  • It will add pictures and videos on your phone directly to a video project
  • Thanks to the QR code scanning, it will connect real fast and also transfer files real fast


  • The App itself needs a more profesional look, to attract more people

Keep it up @catwomanteresa


hahaha! Yes, I do think they need to improve the interface. I guess it's because the app is still in the experiment period. They don't focus on the UI yet.