HD Hidden Spy Video Camera - In Your Sunglasses


HD Hidden Spy Video Camera

In Your Sunglasses






Hunter's comment

Do these look realistic enough to pass for regular shades? Possibly.

With recording speeds at 30FPS, and the ability to store your video recordings on a MicroSD, these could possibly be a Mediterranean beach walkers voyeurs dream!

I wonder if that is the target audience? :)

This pair of glasses are so realistic and comfortable spy glasses you can forget you are wearing them. The 5 Mega Pixel spy camera lens is well hidden and almost impossible to see, situated on the left hand side of the frame. The footage is recorded exactly as you see it without having to think about what the camera is recording. This style looks good on male or female are very comfortable quite robust. Each pair comes with a storage box, cleaning cloth, USB data/charger lead and manufacturer’s instructions.





Hunter: @chops.support


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Fair enough, Im still learning :)

  ·  작년

I really like it can makes you a spy!
many useful features
good comments from users
stunning design
supported by quality team
No cons as it is helpful

Good to see your hunt.Hppy hunting !