Self Defence Pepper Spray - Available in the UK

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Self Defence Pepper Spray

Available in the UK




Hunter's comment

One first check, it seems that Pepper Spray or Mace is not available in the UK due to its strict laws. However, I managed to find a company who claims to sell it.

Only 5 sprays for £18 may seems like an excessive price, but what price should you put on your life?

Below is the blurb. Its effective against Men and Animals but maybe not against Women?

Also do you need to be under the influence for it to work?

Self Defence Pepper Spray Pink Lady with key ring to take it anywhere with you - Spray C.E. certificate 0.54 Oz, about 5 sprays of 1 second - Operating range of about 9.84 ft - ballistic jet stream which reduces wind blow back - safety lock against accidental activation. Effective against both men against animals, can be used in enclosed spaces, Effective against offenders under the influence of drugs or alcohol, NO permanent damage on the subject contaminated, the contamination of reaction time 1/3 seconds, Involuntary closing of eyes, inflammation of the eyes, nose and throat, burning sensation on the contaminated part, subject disorientation, loss of will to fight, Incapacity to 30-45 minutes. This model helps the Foundation "National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc." for breast cancer research. For Sale Online Pepper Spray UK - Self defence Pepper Spray, best prices for pepper spray. SIFF Store UK


My wife @bingbabe runs a lot on the Leeds/Liverpool canal and often comes up against weirdos, I have been on the lookout for something like this for a while. It is possibly worth checking out.




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