UNQ Bracelet - Turn your arm into your smartphone!


UNQ Bracelet

Turn your arm into your smartphone!



Hunter's comment

This is like something out of the future! This wearable device will project your phone onto your arm, and turn your arm into your touchscreen phone.

The device is compatible with both Android and IOS. What is great is that it is shower friendly, so if you want to check emails or change the music you dont have to worry about it getting wet.

Note - the website is "not secure" and does look a bit simple, which is a bit sketchy. I couldn't find any verified reviews of this, but thought it was too cool not to share! Lets hope it is legitimate




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Another great and exceptional hunt today. Any could you tell us the price of this product?
Anyway excellent hunt
Keep it up.

Happy hunting

UNQ Bracelet is a most intelligent wearable device that has a very smart mini projector and very unique sensor to turns your arm into a smartphone and turns your skin into touchscreen. It is very benificial wearable technology that makes your apps work possible on your wrist without having any phone and tablet.

  ·  작년

really you are right this is really something out of the box it is really cool like you can project your phone on your arm really nice unique and innovative.

Wow no doubt this kind of Tech will be available much more in the future but come to think of it this could really be efficient and classy as well jk, Liked the idea of making the smartphone adjust into Bracelet and it would make things a little easier for us as well. Cool hunt.

wow this is really wonderful experience with this wearable device. It's really a nice to have check email or music via wearing this device on arm.

It create more ease while using your smartphone on your hand.

I can't believe my eyes! Is this real. What a cool product. It looks like we are living in future.
We don't have to worry about losing our phone or breaking it. As we can use our arm as a phone. What can be more handy than this!
Great hunt!

  ·  작년

A smart bracelet that we saw only in movies has became a reality now. This will turn your arm into a smartphone and you can control it by touching your arm. How cool is that.

Yes, this is really like something from the future. The idea of UNQ Bracelet is very great and smart. I hope the rewievs will be fine about it. Perfect hunt.

I think it's totally a new technology on your arm. I love to watch this hunt.

I just want to say that's "wooww" and really amazing wearable device. I feel like unq bracelet is bring the future of technology. I can't imagine about future world someday...

This looks too good to be true. Seems like we are getting closer to the future...its compatibility with both iOS and Android is something I commend UNQ bracelet for...

It looks too good to be true though!!

Nice hunt!!

  ·  작년

It looks indeed like out of the future and it would be helpful as well because the easier it gets, the better for us but safety always comes first and if there are no verified reviews, that means we have to wait till we know for sure it's safe. It's nice though.

Truly I'm talking about this technology I have not seen anywhere else and seeing this technology I'm in the imagination world. I never thought that this could also be possible. I got to know this today with a tremendous technology and became known only for you. Thank you so much for sharing it among us

UNQ Bracelet is really looking like a Marvel Movie I in wonder to see this awesome gadget in which we can convert our arm into Smartphone thanks @conradt for sharing this mind-blowing hunt.

  ·  작년

man, this looks so cool. thank you for sharing. Not sure how it adjusts with arm length and width though.

Very cool looking item. This is very futuristic and using your arm as a touch screen is very clever. I think it could be very popular as this is truly unique. Great hunt.

Its really an interesting product which is helpful and have close connection with smart phone. Good hunt.

  ·  작년

Is there any health hazard of this gadget as directly touches with skin. However, very cool product which can lead us to the future. Great hunting.

Incredible hunt! This is a great bracelet to turning your arm into a smartphone through which you can change the music and some other function. However, i think we cannot play games on it

I misunderstood at first, but got it now.
It is like a device that glue your phone to your skin.
Nice hunt

This is futuristic where you can sync you hand which is bio to capture your digital device via UNQ bracelet, this is a sublime innovation.

  ·  작년

Too cool!


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