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Unhealthy Living and Nutrition



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People now have a master's degree in unhealthy life and nutrition. The number of illnesses increased afterwards.

iBula absolutely does not want harmful behavior and unhealthy nutrition. For this;

There are 4 main rules in the iBULA program.

  • Healthy eating
  • Sports
  • Happiness
  • Strengthen the Spirit

They offer the program to do these things;

  • Messaging
  • Advertisements
  • Suggestions
  • Useful Information

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Hunter: @cyberyunus


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"People now have a master's degree in unhealthy life and nutrition." haha like this part, although we can't do much since we are poisoned on everyday basis.. Here is my review


  • It has good purpuse
  • community app
  • health and nutrition info
  • you'll probably get inspired by others
  • healthier life


  • none for now :D