Lumeos - Answer Surveys & Monetize Your Data on EOS To Earn Crypto



Answer Surveys & Monetize Your Data on EOS To Earn Crypto



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Hunter's comment

Many call it the best DApp on EOS. It's a super cool project to earn some extra income and get valuable data (if you are company or a researcher) STEEM Blockchain is full of articles denouncing the ways corporation monetizing user data and about how we are never really paid for our efforts answering pols. Lumeos plan to end that with blockchain technology and cryptographic security/privacy.

App Features

SDK Features

Airdrop For First 10,000 Sign Ups

You can use Android or iOS links on the official web. The software is developed by employees who worked at Google, Amazon, Uber, IBM, Bloomberg etc.

Lumeos is on EOS which is one of the most scalable blockchains on the planet. There is a bright future ahead. Wish you can make it to the airdrop ☺



Hunter: @d-zero

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Thanks for the airdrop tip. I really like the idea and I'm already active on dpoll. It's also refreshing to see that they use EOS instead of ETH. I've been reading their medium blog and came across this:


Doesn't really instill a whole lot of confidence and they are trying to make themselves look much better compared to STEEM (they actually keep calling it Steemit)

They also mention that:

Given that Telos is 100% code-compatible with EOS for dapp deployments, while at the same time focuses on security, developers, and user acquisition, Telos is definitely on the Lumeos radar.

which is very interesting.

It'd be cool if @emrebeyler could compete with Lumeos as they are still in the early phases of development. Overall great Hunt.

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Hello @d-zero i signed up for and downloaded the app,i hope i am not so late for the airdrop party.Thanks Great hunt

This is a great hunt! I've been looking for something worth using my EOS account with, and this is it!


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