Bagez - A simple, Convenient Waste Management Solution

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A simple, Convenient Waste Management Solution



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Bagez an easy to use, portable and tough bag holder. Get hassle & work free clean bins. Turn your bags into bins manage waste anywhere.
A simple, convenient indoor and outdoor waste management solution.


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Cool hunt @daljeetmyd

Plastic waste is one of the dangerous waste, and if it burn, it can cause a lot of problems. and we can't do it at home, So we can pack our waste in these bag holders and then it can easily deliver to the place where it can be destroyed easily with no danger and on the places where there is human being. I am impressed

Hi @daljeetmyd - Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

Please specifically look at Guideline 2. Types of Products to Post

Unfortunately, while cleverly designed, there's no real tech in this product.

Please read our posting guidelines. If you have any questions, please join our Discord Group.

It's simply an awesome way for waste management. Bags are simply cover all the mess things, this idea would be a simple and most convenient way.

Yes free useful in our household use.

A simple clip, rectify our daily problem on facing garbage dustbin.

I must buy it because I face daily same problem in my daily life. I don't like to touch my garbage bag. This is good solution for me.

Thanks for sharing.

Great solution to get rid of plastic waste in a very simple way. Plastic is most harmful stuff equally for human and animals now a days. And I am happy various people from different places of the world are doing tremendous job to save this planet from harmness of plastic and its waate. Great piece of hunt. Awesome job, keep it up.

This is really convenient. I hate it when I have to put my hands to organize waste bin.
We don't have to put time to clean the waste bin anymore.
Really a great hunt!

I can have one of this in my house, it will keep my room tidy , there wil be no litters around, nice hunt man