FinalCrypt - Open Source File Encryption Software

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Open Source File Encryption Software



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FinalCrypt Pros:

1 - Use A Friendly Graphical User Interface or The Command Line Interface to Fully Automate Encryption
2 - Get Free Email/Telegram Support for FinalCrypt.
3 - Opensource. FinalCrypt Is Opensource And Non-Profit Software. Licensed Under: Creative Commons Public License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
4 - Tested. Operational Tests Win Mac & Linux Test Type 1 00,000 Files (100 Gib) Test Type 2 One-Time Pad 430 Gib 10+ Terabytes Successfully Tested


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I like to see this kind of Hunts on @steemhunt Sure these tools get used by terrorists and criminals etc. But you could say the same about buses, trains knives, planes and toilets. Nobody banned planes after 9/11 In fact we got ourselves better planes like the Airbus A380. Same should apply to privacy.

Open source nature allows anybody to pick up the project and develop and improve on it. Email/Telegram Support is a huge plus. UI/UX could actually be improved significantly. But then again, these tools don't exactly have to be grandma friendly. Good Hunt!

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It is very useful open source software and it is cool product. Great hunt.