FIO - A beautiful tool to solve your time zone drama

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A beautiful tool to solve your time zone drama


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Hunter's comment

"Sooo there's a rumor going aroud that "Americans are bad at time zones"" So here you go, Americans, we have no excuses now right?

I've personally never had too much of an issue (maybe because of my background in sales, calling all over the country) but I'm still going to use this beautiful app as a reference. Damn is it pretty.. and trust me, it's nearly impossible to find a timezone app that looks nice...

It's also got a lot of great features even if you don't have timezone problems...

  • If you decide to fly the coop, FIO will either add you to, or creates a new location.
  • FIO caters to all your time telling needs. Be it 24hr clocks, or AM / PM style, it does it all.FIO is nice enough to show you when your locations have a national holiday.
  • Up to three locations that share the same time zone get grouped together. Squisheems.-source

If you don't use Chrome, not to worry they have a web version as well so we're good now right?? No time zone drama? No more confusion? Awesome- as American's we have enough to be apologetic for, let's get this under wraps eh? ;) <3"



Hunter: @dayleeo

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  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to use
  • It is free, do not need to pay
  • It is a good time teller
  • Informative, showing national holiday of the location


  • None for this hunt

certainly helpful when these tools are free :)

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A colourful beautiful web-app that saves you time in surfing the net for timezones

Not supported on mobile


not even the web version? hmmmm🙄

Hi~ @dayleeo , Good Hunt~


  • Beautiful designed chrome extension
  • Every new tab will show you the timezones with current time


  • Nothing

Personal Assessment

Awesome Hunt @dayleeo | Useful Tool For Timezone Problema

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.


  • Idea
    FIO has a very unique idea and very useful for the traveler. This gives the ability to know the time and conversion in different places.

  • Design / UI / Spec
    UInya quite interesting and simple.

  • Features
    The feature to know the local time of a place does look too simple, but this is very important.

  • Benefits
    The benefit is to eliminate confusion about time conversion somewhere different.

  • Adoption
    For its adoption I think it will be a little slow, because anyhow in the local place to be visited there is definitely a timer provided.

Nothing except the adoption problem in particular.


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