SwiftPaws - Capture the flag for your high energy doggo

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Capture the flag for your high energy doggo


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Hunter's comment

Ok, take it from your doggo's perspective. For hundreds of years his breed was likely bred with a specific human aiding purpose in mind, hunting, tracking, herding ect. Now he's got to wait at home for you to get home for walkies... no wonder he's got so much energy!


I think this device is so damn cool, it's like an on the go agility course for your dog (or a group of dogs). There's a pully and "leur" system that drags a flag around the ground. If your dog has that "all rodents must die" prey drive they're going to LOVE this. The best part is it fits in any size back yard or you can bring it to the park and configure it in any shape you want.

What I didn't know is that this type of activity is actually also done on a competitive level!

"Lure coursing is a competitive sport for sighthounds and is also a sport where dogs of all breeds can participate to earn titles. With the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA), competition is limited to a list of specific sighthound breeds. The AKC and UKC also offer competitive lure coursing for sighthounds, as well as “ability” and “straight dash” style coursing that is open to all breeds. In fact, SwiftPaws lure coursing equipment ran the very first AKC sanctioned FAST CAT event in Florida."-source

Now, where's the mini indoor cat version? ;)




Hunter: @dayleeo


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  • Fun way to get your dog into more activity


  • Who will use this product? After some seconds the dog will not follow it anymore, because it is not interactive enough (that's why a cat would also stop using it.. ;) )

haha youd have to have a terrier or very high intsensity dog i think- theyd go nuts over it


do you think so? :D

I wish I had a dog that liked to play. Mine like to sleep lolz


daww be careful what you wish for, high energy dogs are a handful @folken !

Attach a piece of sausage and the dog will go for hours, good night of sleep guaranteed. Attach a beer can to it and I will be going after it as well.


LOL quote of the day... 😂

This is so great! I'm seriously going to buy this for a friend's birthday and her amazing but highly, highly, highly energetic doggo.


YAY! Wait. Can you PLEASE somehoe document doggo using it- i'm dying to see this thing in real life action! @urbangladiator

oooh how fun, I haven't seen one of these before


if your handle is any indication of what kind of dogs you have, I think Samoyeds would LOVE this- those doggos have some energy! @samoyedfans


Absolutely! I will look in one as my Sammie would spend all day playing if he could


aww yay! if you happen to pick one up id love to see your pup try it out!

This is so great hunt ! Missing my dog 😭 Why losing a pet hurts so much?


awww thats one of the worst pains in the world i'm sorry friend- sending hugs <3

"All rodents must die" prey drive haha!! I've heard sth like "indoor dog treadmill" which is seen as a substitute for outdoor dog walking. Swiftpaws is much cooler than this and better to our doggies' psychological well being XD


Agreed! you don't get the mental stimulation like that from a treadmill! It's about the CHASE! ;)

Thank you for introducing a good product


  • I like the idea of the product
  • Awesome design / usability
  • Benefitial for humanity


  • Nothing I can see so far

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