ZipStitch - Surgical Quality Wound Closures You Can Take Anywhere

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Surgical Quality Wound Closures You Can Take Anywhere


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Hunter's comment

I can think of about 10,000 ways this improves humanity. The fact that folks could have this when they're out traveling, camping or hiking in remote areas, in offices, for police officers or military personnel, for remote villages that don't have hospitals, for extreme sporting events.. I could go on forever

Anyone who is at risk for bodily injury and who might not have access to surgeons or doctors to stitch them up could use this. I think it would be an awesome investment for an emergency go bag as well.

If you're squemish I apologise, but put bluntly, this is like a zip tie system for your open wound. They claim it also leaves your with faster healing time and less scarring. The full kit is only $30 bucks.

Kind-of a no brainer as far as I'm concerned :D.



Hunter: @dayleeo

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Hey mem @dayleeo your hunt awesome. I.just love this. Its so helpfull for peopls also mem.You always post something good and unique that I like so much.Thanks for sharing this great hunt.
keep it up


wow thank you very much @afrinsultana 👍


Welcome mem...Dayelo

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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This is amazing. Kind of makes me think of all the times we have accidents on the roads, how effective or how in handy this would be at such times. Life saving inventions, love it.


yes perfect to keep on you at all times, every first aid kit should come with a set of these, thankfully ive never had to have stitches but thanks to these maybe I never will :D @elsiekjay

Wow, very interesting this is a breakthrough for personal health and healing wounds in a better way .. Great hunting

Do they have a lips version? Astonishing hunt!


LOL 😂@jonsnow1983

I like to see these simple innovative things that tackle big problems. This is excellent and cheap, the great things is when you are done healing... you just take it off, Lol. You need zero skill to use this.
Excellent hunt!

@dayleeo excellent hunting, this product from today can not miss in the kits of our homes or schools, ideal for when you visit inospitos places or when you practice extreme sports
Thank you very much for letting us know this magical product
I wish you a great hunt


@jlufer thanks very much for your comment!

Bandages that are very sensational, lightweight and can be carried anywhere, very suitable for anticipation in first aid, great hunting.
Continue hunting

Excellent hunt

. For in all emergency we use this

Very useful

Itblook like human body jip




This is really what I need! I have a five-year-old son and he fell every day while running. I really like it and I'd like to use it. Thank you for sharing!


oh yeah perfect for kids that's for sure :D the hospital is scary enough for adults!

I have seen such a product in the commercials before, but your presentation of the product taught me more about the zipstitch. I like its features and it is game changing for sure. nice hunt

It is very cool that it could heal people. You can simply just just this stitch to stitch your wound without going to do the surgery.


exactly! 👍@alex3883

$29.99 is nothing when you compare what it can do, when you need it in case of emergency. Especially, I feel, everyone should buy at least one and keep it in their vehicle, because, the majority of deaths happens due to excessive bleeding in case of accidents. And this can help save the life in those critical conditions.

Cool! This will surely help those in the rural areas who find it hard to get a surgeon on time. With this, lives can be saved by easily stitching wounds on time. Nice hunt!

that stuff is crazy, you don't realise how technology has moved on so much! very cool! :)


right? I couldnt believe this was out there- gotta have some of these when we're on the road ❤️@teamhumble


for mr clumsy over here for sure.

Really great hunt @dayleeo I'm one of those people who's scared of seeing doctor sewing open wounds. This product is totally awesome. Now there's no need to put those neddles to your skin to sew open wounds. Been there and its painful!


eek! ive never experienced stitches but yes putting needles through nearly injured skin cant sound good-Im thinking of picking up a pack of these for emergencies myself! @verasj

This is a game changer for many situations. It is optimal for situations where the user is far from medical care, or where taking the time to access medical care would be a problem.
-Any person can use this device, no medical training or experience needed.

  • Can be used when access to emergency care is not available.
  • Cost of about $30 USD for a small wound kit is steep.
  • Otherwise very little downside.
    As a family physician I think this looks like a really good option for select circumstances.

@birdbanter 👍agreed, thank you for your comment!

You're right about this being a no-brainer. It's a first-aid kit essential. You'll never know when you're gonna need one. But you definitely don't want to be caught without one when you need it. I think even doctors should start using this in clinics and hospitals to close up wounds​ since it looks a lot less painful than getting regular stitches.


ahh but then how could they justify the absurd hospital bills!!? ;) - also do you have your aeropress yet??! @cryptocopy


Lol! I'm sure they'll find a way to charge you for pulling a zip tie.

Don't have the Aeropress yet. They didn't have it in stock when I ordered the other day, so I'm still waiting. That's ok, though. I still have a few coffee pods to go through.

This is super cool @dayleeo! Imagine having wounds and you are not comfortable about it, so you can use this one to help it lessen it. :)

It's cheap. It is like a product for those who enjoy outdoor activities. If the skin is open from injury, it can be used for first aid. Thank you for the good product.


Yes absolutely bro

I am pretty sure ZipStitch will be very useful for most of the people. Thanks for sharing.

Most lovable ZipStitch

It's amazing and very useful for all people, ZipStitch is a great invention in medical science, it's really a good product to Stitch in the body.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

It is a very smart idea to use Zipstitch when you don't have an opportunity to go to a doctor. You can use it yourself. Great hunt.


thanks very much- any thing that avoids a trip to the doctor is a great product in my book ;) @erifec

  ·  2년 전

I'm surprised and surprised ~~~. It seems to be safe if this one with a big wound.

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful


  • It makes the wound heals faster and prevents it from been contacting germs.

  • It can be self applied.

  • It is small and can be carried about.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.


what a comment, thank you @adahmiracle !

Amazing Hunt! health caring product it is we need more this type of product, which can save your time.


yes, and a trip to the ER @moeenali

Very innovative, and very useful! If you get hurt outside, this one can save you as first aid!
Very good hunt!

Having this will reduce blood lost when in an emergency and through it lives will be saved


👍thanks for your comment @john-paul

Another great hunt from @dayleeo. You can easily use it anywhere any time. Thank you for sharing

  ·  2년 전

Medicine advances every day a little more, but science and technology go hand in hand with it. This is an innovative way to suture wherever you are great hunting

I saw something like this on Facebook while I was surfing on my page. Somebody has shared it as a video and it was really interesting. This one must be in out first aid kits. Its really usefull on accidents before we reach the doctor.

this is definitely a medical break through, thank you very much for your hunt, steem on~

Grest hunt

It is really a fabulous and innovative tool . I would love to grab it. If you can drop me a link here.


thank you @drqamranbashir - the link is in the steemhunt post!

Great first aid product. Its seems easy to use. I hope nobody needs it but accidents are daily and you never know what happens. Thanks for the best hunt of today :)

Absolutely another great hunt @dayleeo. Most of the athletes need this especially on in-game events where an immediate medication is needed. I hope to see it available in our place.


thank you very much @jassennessaj yep pop one of these on right on the field and keep going, sorted! 😂

This is amazing. Will add this to my travel bag and first-aid box. $30 is not cheap though - need to use it at least once to make sure that it's worth the money.


you can't realy afford to skip it at that price right? I know in the states a trip to the hospital could be THOUSANDS @glory7

What a cool hunt. This is so cheap and a must to take along in all my travels. Actually should take this in my wallet even when not traveling. Great hunt.


you're right! super smart idea to keep it in your wallet i like the way you think @rosatravels !

It can be used for first aid. It would be good for emergency when patients can't meet the doctor. Thanks for sharing cool product.

Excellent to have at home, in the wallet, and everywhere since you never know when you can have an accident or make a cut. It is also at a very good price and unites the wound is as if they made points unlike traditional brads.

ZipStitch would be very useful when you don't have a chance to go to a doctor, for example during outdoor sports, extreme sports etc. Great hunt..

Wooww.. really innovative in medical world today. This will be the first solution for everyone who has mild or moderate injuries to his body. And it can be used as a preventative measure for wounds that are getting bigger in areas that far from medical access.

portable medical care can take it anywhere
$30 is very cheap for stitches
great for emergencies and traveling where traditional doctors may not be available

if you are squeamish this may be difficult to self medicate or stitch yourself up


@rangertx yeah you might need help if you don't do well around blood

Really cool hunt, I was about to post it. It's really great how this can close a wound, what I wonder is if this hurt or if it's totally painless.

Great hunt


@jsxchemistry im sure if its a fresh would any pressure around it is going to hurt but i cant IMAGINE it hurting as much as a needle and thread... ick!

Hi, @dayleeo you have done a great job.
*ZipStitch is a very nice product people that have wound on their body.

  • It is very easy to use/ stitch your wounds
  • It is very good for people that don't like doing surgery stitching.
  • you can buy and keep with you when going on a journey.

Good luck 👍

I prefer this to the conventional needle and thread.It has so many things going for it.

  • Easy and safer to use
  • user friendly for those who have a phobia for needles.
  • No scarification marks great hunt @dayleeo

Wow this is so cool. No doctor, we aren't bothered as this Zip stick can get our injuries sorted out with just low $ fee. Am really interested in this coz i hate exposing my injured body.


no doctor and it could really help if you're out in the wilderness ! @tfame3865

Hiii @dayleeo, "ZipStitch" is an intelligent Hunt you created.

it is a great achievement in medical science, it is an extreme supportive product use in surgery in emergency cases.

Hi @dayleeo,

Well, with the passage of time everything is changing. *ZipStitch is a wonderful innovation and superb idea in the medical field. It surely saves the time and also minimize the pain for the wounded soul. Provides a sort of freedom to all the camping and outing lovers.

Superb idea with so much productive outcome, highly appreciated. GREAT HUNT :)

Lovely! Looking at the brighter side, this will help a long way in helping people at emergency case or where a surgeon cannot be reached on time. It is also a value for money at 30$. Nice hunt!


@gracelyn-joseph exactly! great to keep these around for sure- you just never know

What a great hunt for the people that are away from the hospitals and doctor. Perfect hunt.

Hi @ dayleeo, very useful hunting and product.
When you do not have a doctor in the vicinityand you have a wound, this is a fantastic way to repair the wound.
Even when the doctor is near, this is good for immediate intervention because it is better to wound up immediately to repair the wound.
The way it binds the edges of the wound is excellent and will be effectively.
Practical packaging and low price make this product even more interesting.
It's not bad, always to have - this with yourself .



I must be sincere, this is one of the best hunt I have ever seen, this will aid first aid treatment, great one hunter


wow thank you so much- i was so excited to share it ! @sola3097

great special device for the first aid kit that always takes one everywhere in the exits and also that people have in the houses great hunting

Nice hunt!!

  • This is a must have for emergency situations.
  • It employs a unique approach to wound closures.
  • It claims to increase healing time if properly used.


  • None for this hunt.

Zipstitch is very useful for the people and no doubt the best hunt for today. Congratulations.

Wow this is very useful and sometimes life saving product. Its amazing how it works. Great hunt @dayleeo

This is for sure a very useful item and like you mention in the description of the hunt we can go forever on the examples on can be use. If you stay to think is some urgent cases it can even saves lives, and i am really glad to see it for such a great price!

This is a very helpful innovation that anyone can take it anywhere. The only caveat I see is when someone uses it on an open wound that is still not cleaned. It can cause infection if this stitch closes the wound with still dirt inside that needs professional cleaning.


yes the wound MUST be cleaned and sanitised, but if you were stitching yourself up at home you'd still have to take the same measures @macoolette


That's correct. :)


great hunt. surgical grade wound closures without going to any hospital or any other healthcare centers, on the spot treatment. Saves wounds from getting infected and also saves a life by stopping the bleeding. great invention.


thank you my dear @sabari18 appreciate your comment as always!

You are absolutely right, it is an improvement for humanity, you could say that this can save the life of any person. Soon it will be used in first aid kits.

These things are amazing I actually had to use them on a nasty cut I had received and they work extremely well. Top notch product


woa you actually used one!? that's awesome thanks for weighing in with personal experience @whoforthewhatnow !

Очень интересное решение. Нужно правда более хорошая клейкая поверхность, чем у обычных пластырей

This is really helpful. I hate getting scars.

They should sell this everywhere.


agreed :D 👍@direwolf

A great invention by Medical Science. This is really a cool idea to stitch wounded part without needle. Lots of appreciations form my side. Keep it up.


@jawad09 yes certainly moving in the right direction!

Indeed this one is HUNT OF THE DAY FROM MY SIDE. I want to give a big Salute to the inventor of this awesome idea. And also @dayleeo I appreciate your research that you found really a great hunt. Keep it up.


@shaanivc wow thank you! that means a lot!

Now a days Medical Science has been developed with various successful stories in this field. Everyday we hear some latest update regarding some dangerous disease. Thank God people are working in this field to serve the mankind.
This ZipStitch is a great invention. I love the way it works and also all the them of ZipStitch is appreciable for providing us such a great stuff. Thanks for sharing a wonderful hunt. Happy hunting

Though I have seen a video on this product before yet coming it here at @steemhunt from @dayleeo is not surprise. She always comes up with novel, unique and valuable products. Great work and ZipStitch is an excellent hunt.

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An innovative way to do stitching, Stitching never been better!


An innovative
Way to do stitching, Stitching
Never been better!

                 - mtimetraveller

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Since my childhood, I have been using this for small wounds that used to happen during cricket, hockey or football matches:

Now, after taking a look at Zipstitch and how it works, I believe it's revolutionary product. This is for sure going to help a lot. Epic hunt @dayleeo. You rocked once again. Keep hunting more.


wow thank you for your comment @steemit.lover2 ! i think it's great for athletes❤️

I think it's wonderful, an open wound can generate countless health problems and even death, in addition to sewing sometimes points are rejected for allergies to the material. Useful for emergencies. AN EXCELLENT HUNT


thank you for such a thoughtful comment @doriancoch - i hadnt even thought of allergies!

It is a great medical product that is very helpful for patients when wound healing is difficult at home. This is very easy to apply and remove.

Guau this is a great non invasive source for surgeon I hope could help a lot of people with their sick, because one of the most complicated parts is the recover process until the operation did finished, thanks for this great sourced, we hope it could help a lot of life saving.

Though I have seen a video on this product before yet coming it here at @steemhunt from @dayleeo is not surprise. She always comes up with novel, unique and valuable products. Great work and ZipStitch is an excellent hunt.


  • unique and great

  • very convenient

  • very high quality


  • none

this would be relatively helpful for first-aid treatment especially for athletes


so many different uses, I agree @ezinwakenneth !

yeah, I stitched up my own hand and really could have used this instead years ago!


DAMN @stellabelle really!!? I imagine like one of those old war movies where the guy has to bite on a leather strap... damn girl!😅

great for those remote trips where a doctor is a long way away


agreed, even just the peace of mind of having it in your kit is huge @viraldrome

Realy it is very helpful product.It is the most beneficial of wounding woundsproduct.I love steem hunt and your products


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Simple yet effective, awesome hunt!