KicoBox - A Magic Cube for Entering the Coding World

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A Magic Cube for Entering the Coding World








Hunter's comment

We all know that coding ability is such an important skill for the future generation and many parents, including me, are searching for good educational tools or services to help our kids master this skill as early as possible without forcing them to learn. So, yes, a toy-like educational gadget that can trigger kids' interests for programming concepts will be the product of many parents' dreams! I think KicoBox might have this potential to be that dream product! Let's find out why!

  • KicoBox is an educational tool (physically a CUBE!) for introducing programming concepts.
  • Hardware-wise it is an integration platform of gyroscope, accelerator, motor control, OLED panel & LED halo, Bluetooth, speaker, line follower, expansion slot and support speech recognition.
  • Software-wise it can conveniently switch between visual languages like Scratch and textual languages such as Arduino IDE.
  • Service-wise it comes with free softwares to use, free teaching materials and regular lessons and online resources.
  • You don't have to spend time on teaching software installation and cable connections before teaching children to learn coding. Just focus on the coding itself!
  • KicoBox can easily enable Robot competitions that are wonderful ways for kids and their parents to interact in a fun way.

Short Video Review (must watch!):

KicoBox is developed by KICKDUINO whose team members are originally from the Silicon Valley and MIT labs. The company aims to facilitate STEM education and help children across the globe to learn more about programming, robots, IOT and AI.



Hunter: @deanliu

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Pros :

  • Can be educational tool which can be an easy journey for kids to learn programming
  • It is great for both learning and interaction where it has many application and functionalities in it
  • A simple as 10 minutes of regular FREE coding lessons makes really special for parents and even teachers
  • It does provide many free programming resources

Cons :

  • To make the best use of it, it does some basic technical knowledge on programming


  • Great opportunity
  • This will have a nice impact
  • I want to have it right now


  • Nothing comes to my mind


  • Another tool for introducing programming to your kids in the future without forcing them to literally learn
  • It can be integrated with gyroscope, accelerator, motor control and etc
  • It can conveniently switch between visual languages which is really a plus
  • It also has a free software for you to use
  • It is very easy to use


  • No cons at the moment since this is very cool device for the future!

Great hunt! Congrats!! 🎉🎈🎊

Pros :

  • A great educational tool to learn programming, robots, IOT and AI
  • A wide learning tool and has many functionalities
  • A good learning material for kids because it is also fun and enjoyable
  • No hassle on hardware setup
  • It support many hardware integration like bluetooth and speaker

Cons :

  • An expensive tool

Hi @deanliu,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on!


cool, thanks! this is my first hunt! :)

來搶沙發看劉美女奪冠 :D










  • This is pretty much amazing! You will learn the basics of coding in a very fun and interesting way that even someone who has no coding background can understand
  • Even children will have the chance to learn coding in a very unique way
  • There are many available items you can play depending on your activity preference. Amazing!


  • I see no cons for this one since this is such a unique product for learning new things

Amazing hunt @deanliu

Here is my take on this

  • This device is completely ideal for Kids who are tech geeks
  • It is a easy to use simple device
  • The device has bluetooth for connectivity purpose
  • Various Ide are supported buy this device
  • This device comes with software and some courses that teach kids how to code it .


  • It is expensive

The is an amazing tool to teach kids programming.
• Toy-like educational tool that simplifies programming concepts for kids
• Users can easily switch between visual languages such as textual and scratch languages
• Easy to use
• Supports robot competitions
• Expensive for some users



感謝感謝~~ :D


  • Simple and colorful design which offers interactive learning experience
  • Great educational tool for advanced learners especially in the field of programming
  • flexible and functional, provides tutorials that is understandable
  • Provides free coding lesson and plenty of applications
  • tests your creativity and boost your skills


None, awesome educational hunt here! ;)

  ·  3년 전

Looks interesting and could be helpful for young children. Thanks

This is a great Hunt :


  • Very useful in for programming purpose
  • Learning multiple things
  • built-in Led
  • portable device
  • low cost device


No cons

Very nice item!!


  • Super device for bringen kids into the programming world
  • Fun and easy to get started with something simple
  • Can be used with different IDEs


  • Pricy, but teaches kids how to code; this is our future

Wow, it's really great machine !
I hope that it will be not very expensiv ;)


retail price is $135 but now maybe you can still get it for $79 here. I haven't tried but am thinking getting one for my kid. :)


  • going through the motions of performing tasks will be a great educational opportunity
  • ability to attract attention from young kids and focus that into positive things


  • lack of details about educational software involved with the cube





應該 ok 的,我對你有信心

For some reason every time I try to learn some coding my brain shuts down. Maybe this little cube will help me.

I would love to have this for me too aside from my daughter


  • Even adults who doesn't know about providing can benefit from this
  • Children will have fun at the same time learning coding on this thing
  • Very simple device that almost anyone can use
  • Portable and can be taken anywhere


  • A bit pricey considering there are free ways to learn about coding

Gotta gt one of those, my coding skills suck.

This is one amazing hunt buddy!


  • Almost a jack of all trades kind of product

  • Awesome design with that efficient size


  • None

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@deanliu amazing work by the kicobox will give more knowledge to kids and parent.

Interaction with 100% and fast learning ability

Great hunt's mate

This looks like a fun educational gadget. I might as well give it a try before passing it on to my future kids. ;) I once read that @justyy teach his kids coding on his laptop, can be interesting for him too.