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TopTak learning app by Rahul Deshwal sir for personal coaching app for various exams. You can study for exams like SSC, UPSI and much more..


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TopTak is very useful for my friend. I will share with him

personal coaching app is great idea and very much helpful. thank for sharing

It is a great platform for the guys who are preparing for government exam.

Very nice app and there design is amazing specially logo I always respect rahul sir and his team he is the only who's thinking something different he thinks only for students career .

This would be useful for all students and teacher to learn and prepare theirself for exams through this coaching app nice find

This is very excellent educational app and this app design is so good but in this app video quality is very high quality then plz reduced the video quality..

TopTak looks quite amazing personal coaching app, thanks for sharing.

Great and innovative find. I am suggesting this app for my Indian friend. Hopefully this app helpful for him.

thanks for sharing this very nine hunt . I like it

In this pandemic situation it is very very helpful for the students who are studying from the home

The TopTak promises a comprehensive competitive test & exam prep resource.
Interesting Hunt. @dhankar
Thank you!

Top Tak App is a coaching learning app for various personal exams. Thanks for sharing the hunt.

Very good interface and nice design of application. But there is no option to maintain video quality, it is consuming very high data like 1mb/sec. Please update this so we can adjust vedio quality.

Wow! What a great app you have searched. This is a nice app for students where they can get nice interactive coaching classes. Great Hunt!