Lotus Evija - Britain's first electric hypercar

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Lotus Evija

Britain's first electric hypercar



Hunter's comment

Lotus Evija is Britain's first electric hypercar and will be available in 2020. Evija literally means the first one in existence.

It has 2000 HP, does 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds and has a top speed of over 200 mph.

Despite having four electric motors and a big battery pack it weighs only 1860kg.

It will also come with a downforce mode kind of like the Knight rider tv show.

It will cost you only 1.7 million £ to have one :)





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Damn this car is SWEET! I would love to own one of these new Lotus hyper cars :) Awesome hunt!


a car that will make a name; it must be!


It must surly make a name amidst all 😂

Wow this car out look is very stylish and cool .hope this are well modified with more facilities. Thanks for share. People choice this easily.


Yes the style is amazing.

omg this car looks incredible. Amazing nice hunt :)

Wow, what a beautiful looking car!

This car is actually one in town. It must be very expensive and only few can afford to have it.

its a great hunt electric hypercar


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