Calculator Soup - Online calculators for mathematics, statistics and finance

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Calculator Soup

Online calculators for mathematics, statistics and finance



Hunter's comment

Calculator Soup is a website which has a variety of online calculators for mathematics, geometry, statistics and for financial applications.

Some featured calculators include:

  • Fractions
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Quadratic Formula
  • Exponents
  • Law Of Sines & Cosines
  • Time & Date
  • Time Value Of Money (Finance)
  • Tip Calculator
  • Inflation Calculator
  • Financial Ratios


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What a lovely name for this app....very catchy.

It seems just the thing for anyone as well as those who are Math fans.

Wishing them all the best.


The soup name though. Lol! Kinda seems like there are enough ingredients in the calculator. It really can do a lot. This is more than a calculator.


It's a mix of different calculators and it's a good website.

A great online too for for all your calculation needs. It has so many calculators ranging from mathematical to financial, physics and many more. Ideal for every day use for ordinary people as well as for professionals.


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Exponents and comnbinations that what was need for me strongly at first years of my study in university! Hope to current students this app will make life easier!


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