Xylofun Musical Machine - Build Your Own Music Machine

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Xylofun Musical Machine

Build Your Own Music Machine



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Hunter's comment

Smartivity has designed a STEM learning kit where children assemble a music machine and compose their own music tunes.

Placing the pegs in different slots allows for song customization.

Smartivity Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine S.T.E.M. Educational D.I.Y. Toy (Gameplay Video)


Smartivity Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine - Instruction Video (S.T.E.M. Educational D.I.Y. Toys)




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Wooo. This is so interesting machine that creates a music that is so eye catching machine tho :D


  • Price tag is pretty steep at $1300.

Umm. On the website it says Rs. 1,299.00. This is 1299 indian rupees which is $18.91 US.


Oops, LOL. Thank you for correcting me about the price, for Xylofun's sake atleast. $19 is a very fair price for cool technology like this.

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yes. create music of your own choice and enjoy, specially kids loves this

Wao it's really interesting musical machine and you build your own and create awesome musical beat for you. Kids easily assumable different part and then place pegs in different slot and create tone. nice hunt

Parents always try to do best for their kids. In this regards they arrange different activities for their kids. Xylofun Musical Machine is the best tool for the kids to enhance their skills. Kids can learn and compose their own music tunes through this smart machine. The parents and kids can share their experience in this mind blowing activity.
Nice Hunt.


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