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Smart Fitness Tracker



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Hunter's comment

Are you into fitness but at the same time you worry about your health when you work out? AURA Band is what you need!

Keeping track of your health was never as easy, now with the AURA Band Smart Fitness Tracker you can track your body composition, heart rate, activity and more.

You can also set goals and achieve them, while monitoring your progress. You can also send your data directly from your band to your doctor, personal trainer or insurance company. Train with no worries, knowing that your health team can have easy access to your performance and body manifestations because AURA band monitors your fat, muscle and bone volume along with your hydration levels.

Your heart rate is monitored constantly by taking your pulse when you are training. It also takes your pulse every fifteen minutes when you’re resting. Calorie burn and daily steps are also taken into consideration. Last but not least, Aura Band also evaluates your data and measures your stress levels.

Being fit has never been so safe, with AURA Band you can work out without the need of worrying about your health. Train hard while knowing that your health team is keeping an eye on you thanks to AURA Band.



Hunter: @dontstopmenow

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  • The design looks is simple yet Fashionable and functional
  • Monitors your wellness activities thru bioimpedance analysis
  • The unisex band is wearable and lightweight
  • It can add motivation to have regular fitness activities


  • A lot of competitors of this fitness tracker product


neat product/lightweight
innovative idea
collaborative development team
recommended by many customers

Nothing comes to my mind


  • It is a fitness tracker that can help you to keep on track the status of your health like heart rate
  • Now you can train harder without any worries since you can check anytime your physical status at your wrist.


  • Not accurate

I think this one is good for health. As for my personal checking on this product below :

Pros :

  • It can help tracks and measure fat/muscle percentage so you will have an idea how much you have gained or loose
  • It does check your heart rate and activity so you will have information on your current status during your physical activity and workout.
  • It does provide a more detailed analytics that helps evaluate and analyze our data health which includes our stress level and sleep efficiency. Aside from that it offers some tips how you could improve your health based on the statistics that the band has gathered and monitored.
  • It can greatly improve lifestyle making you well-balanced.
  • Can even control your hydration level which help tracks your body water
  • It has received many positive feedbacks from users

Cons :

  • None that i can find, a good gadget for health.


  • Amazing looking product
  • Easy to use and get started
  • Great overall look and feel


  • Nothing to add here


provides you with a lot of data
cool design of the interface
reasonable price

nothing I can see. Perfect hunt.

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  ·  4년 전

-Keep tracking the health is very useful, too many heart attack is happened in the city!
-Keep training sport also is very important in our life but we need a tool to check our health!

  • The outlook is awesome, I want to wear it always!


  • I think it is not water proof. I like the water activities most!


high-quality .
innovative idea.
elegant design.
good support from product team.

No cons as it is helpful.

This type of technology is very important, especially right now... Our society is trying to get fit and avoid overweight, but most of the people don't have enough money to be accompanied regularly by a specialist/doctor, that prepares their training. So this AURA Band, allows everyone to keep their heart and body under control.

Congratulations on your verified.
• Smart look and innovative design
• Measure pulse rate in every 15 minutes
• High-quality battery
• Overall Hight quality product
Cons: None I think.

I really like the idea of tracking body composition. It has been tough for a watch or wrist band to be accurate because it moves occasionally, the best way has always been a chest band. But now seeing companies improve the technology of wearables, its only a matter of time before we seat smart everythings


Exactly! And more companies means more supply which brings the prices down, and that allows everybody to afford this type of useful technology.


I agree! Technology is getting better each day. Lots of tech things are silly in my opinion, but with health care advances I am well impressed in a good way.

Pretty interesting that it can use the data to calculate and monitor the stress.. wonder what calculates into that!


Yeah I thought the same, I wonder how it does that.

Thanks for passing by Jess!


There are several formulas that are used to create metrics like body fat %, bone density, etc using BIA. The problem is that none of them have proven to be very accurate.


Oh how interesting, I’m definitely familiar with BMI but BIA for prediction I didn’t have knowledge about. Cool read, thanks for that!!


  • Benefitial for humanity
  • Easy to use and get started
  • The product is totally awesome


  • Nothing to add here

Love how colorful it is!

@dontstopmenow This is a great tracker for the health aspect, with the data provided we can improve our lifestyle. Get to know our health better every day​.


  • you can track your body composition, heart rate etc.
  • good design
  • it can measure you hidration lvl
  • it can greatly help you provide some vital info
  • none that i can think of.

This product looks amazing .


Using the aura band helps to determine your body's condition in the limitation.


This gadget is awesome and useful.


  • Smart look and innovative design
  • Measure pulse rate in every 15 minutes
  • Track multiple things simultaneously like fat & hydration level etc
  • Track your activities like steps counts and cycling total measurements
  • High-quality battery
  • Overall Hight quality product

Cool hunt

No cons find by me

The big pro and the big con of this device are the same. If you are a believer that bio-electric impedance analysis (BIA) is an accurate and useful way to measure things like body fat percentage, then you may find this device desirable. The big problem is that most scientific evidence does not support the use of BIA as particularly accurate. Really there is yet to be an inexpensive, practical way to measure body fat in individuals.
-Gives you a lot of data

  • The evidence is lacking that this data is either accurate or useful in individuals.
    My conclusion: It is one more way to get inaccurate data to make you either feel good or bad about yourself. It is more likely to be beneficial to eat well, exercise regularly, and not look at so much questionable data.

This Aura band is very smart and innovative. I liked the functions of it!

Great hunt ,this is the product to look upto . Thankyou for this hunt

Health is wealth, we must take care of our body and wellness to live a fuller life.

My pros on this hunt :

-This smartwatch helps one monitor performance, heart rate to avoid over workouts

  • The gadget is lightweight and with cool design.

My cons :

I think none. It's good for the health.

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