Rachio Generation 2 - Solutions for worry-free watering for gardens

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Rachio Generation 2

Solutions for worry-free watering for gardens


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Hunter's comment

Keep an eye on your yard from anywhere.

We live in modern days and our schedule is usually packed with activities that keep us busy. But we should not let our busy lifestyles get on our way when it comes to home maintenance.

If you live in a place with unpredictable weather and your garden/yard needs a lot of attention, then Rachio Generation 2 can make your life easier.

Forget about those dry spots in your grass, now it all will look green and lush throughout the year and the best part is that you do not need to worry about it, Rachio will get the job done!

Stop comparing your gardens with your neighbors, now you can have the greenest and prettiest yard in the block without the need to spend hours working on it.

Save water while efficiently taking care of your house. Be smart. Be Rachio.




Hunter: @dontstopmenow


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that's a brilliant cool piece of tech, welcome to steemhunt! :)

Congrats for your first hunt in Steemhunt 😎. As you know, Steemhunt is a community-driven ranking community for cool new products. We also have a Discord and Telegram channels. Please join in and discuss anything you want for Steemhunt!


Thanks man! Just joined Steemhunt Discord, thanks for the heads up!


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Now that @mcenoramle points it out I can see it. But I could not find it either, I searched and no result came up.

I apologize for the inconvenience!


not at all, glad we caught it. we will fix the first one so it's named properly.

Thanks for introducing to @steemhunt @dontstopmenow ! It looks like another great idea evolves on the blockchain! Cheers to creators!


This looks like a really cool project huh?

See you around Art!

The Racchio has been great for my home too!

hey @dontstopmenow i'm not sure how this happened but when it was searched i did not find this already -- it's a duplicate on the system i'm afraid. ..


they posted it first :( -- i have to hide it. . i'm investigating why it never showed up. .