XOR -Web hosting on Blockstack - Host Your Website - Stay In Control - Embrace Freedom

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XOR -Web hosting on Blockstack

Host Your Website - Stay In Control - Embrace Freedom



Hunter's comment

Another step toward a decentralized and free internet... where self control is not Being Controlled
With XOR Web hosting, You can host your website on Blockstack for free, using the default storage provided by Blockstack PBC.

This is a welcome option if you want out of: expensive contracts, censorship, restrictive terms and uncertain privacy policies.

Be difficult (but in control)!
Why is it difficult to hijack a website hosted on Blockstack with XOR Web hosting?:
Screenshot from 2019-04-01 20:40:38.png

Blockstack focuses on user control, censorship resistance and can integrate with other distributed file systems like IPFS.

Learn more about XOR Web hosting

Blockstack is the new decentralized internet.

You can learn more about Blockstack here




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wow amazing hunt post.XOR -Web Hosting on blockstack.
This is a very good site for their hosting.Their web services are too eassy to use.

First time I know about blockstack is from Noteriot when I am join the platform. And now you give me new information about the free hosting based Blockchain technology on blockstack. More secure, no censorship, and important things is for Free. Thank you so much it's really valuable information for me


My pleasure. I just started using NoteRiot and have been trying some others. Websites require a plan but of course I could just test this out with something very plain. I'm looking forward to trying different ideas here.

This is decentralized & this is FREE.

We don't need anything else. Thanks a lot for sharing this web hosting service, I love it's also very safe and hackers can't affect us!

Thumbs up!

You can use this platform if you don't own a website and want to share the content, photos, videos, and many other things in a free way. Easy to use, after logging into the application, users can search the search button above and see your content. One of the most common features of the application is the Gai repository that they use effectively against censorship. I would say it is reliable and user friendly because it is not in the warehouse center.

  • If you want to make your website available outside XOR, you can map the entry point URL to a custom DNS domain you own.
  • Built-in support to buy and setup custom DNS names from XOR - coming soon.



Thank you for taking time to comment, and more so- for looking into the details!

You can upload the files of an entire website into Ox Webhosting. That suggests that they can host a website but interpretation could still differ.

Two links are provided to demo sites that were made. Links, menu, about, etc..

What makes a website a website?
A possible concern- As provided, your site won't show up on google because the provided domain (a seperate product from hosting), should one choose to use it- is kept internal. That is exactly what some of us are wanting. This suits a number of uses.

Maybe you want to attract the general public to your site- get organic traffic, be found by almost anyone- Then you can point your own domain to the site and there you have it.

Decentralization is not absolute and you can chooses level of depth.
Example: You can install / own your own "hub"- the internal domain is then your own private internal domain. Later, you can change to a registered domain if that suits your purpose.

Not perfect or the right fit every time either. Blockstack uses the Bitcoin blockchain, btw, demonstrating alternate purpose. That is one motive among others that result in having access to these options.

Thanks again for taking a look and commenting.

Hmmm. On one hand, this looks like a very good development and too good to be free. On the other hand, I might be a bit wary hosting my website on such platform due to the recent news of blockchain not being totally immune to hackings. What do you think? Are my fears justified?


Thank you for posting your thoughts!

When something gets your attention and you get a sense of caution, then caution is probably justified.
This must not stop action taking or decision making if you are planning a website. If it does, it will never happen. Concern should lead you to research until you have confidence in understanding the matter at hand.

You cannot avoid risk. Not ever. Just put risk into context. Consider input from others but don't rely on anyone to choose for you because you are capable and will only get better at it.
The vulnerabilities of blockchain, as I understand them, have primarily involved money on exchanges but if a costly (expensive to perform) attack on blockchain were to happen, the goal is to double spend digital currency, or move it between wallets (not on blockchain necessarily- but through exchanges) not to steal data. I'm not an expert but am putting limited knowledge into context. Data can be stolen much more easily and without the high cost of massive computing power needed to gain control over a blockchain. So probability, in my mind is much higher - that my website files and data- customer data are at far more risk on centralized hosting drives.

Anything could happen anywhere at anytime to anyone but mindful consideration of hype free information, using it to side with probability plus a bit of intuition (after fear is addressed, thanked and allowed to go home), should make most choices worthwhile.

Amazing hunt from you

Decentralized web hosting service ,easy to use .Hack free service.

Available at Free of Cost.

Nice find, Thanks for sharing.

Wooo this really can make us easier to find free sites. because Blockstack is free, using the default storage provided by PBC Blockstack.
Thank you for hunting the best for us.

I love the security aspect of this type of web hosting. With lots of sites being hijacked and often valuable data stolen, this type of hosting is what we need in this security-prune era


Agreed. Security is essential. A problem with centralized sites is that the user has no knowledge or input regarding the security efforts - or investment in security solutions. One membership site that comes to mind - was hacked after collecting personal information from tens of thousands of members, over several years.

The hacker discovered that even the most basic security feature that their host charged only a few dollars each month for- had been declined. The site made a fortune in advertising fees but skimped on protecting their users. The hacker himself was so stunned by this that he posted a message on CraigsList (Nationwide community message board) to reveal this fact and expose the sites negligence.

I was one of the members who's data was stolen. The site did not contact me to warn me of possible risk of misuse of my data. I had to learn of this from a message posted by the hacker himself. True story!

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Free web hosting is very rare and it is very good for starters of website creators. Very nice hunt and worth a try.


Well said. It won't be just right for every purpose. Finding a host that caters to every want and need is hard work but the unique advantages may be just right where privacy and control of ones own data is a high priority.

As free hosting, it is an option that does not have the disadvantages that come with other free hosing because the motives of the developer are not the same as a corporate host provider. Depending on background, it might not be so easy since it does not appear to have all of the extras that attract inexperienced site builders but if learning to build from scratch, this could be great.

A free and decentralized hosting platform with full safety. What else one can ask for? Great hunt.

Free is a good language especially for those wanting to host their website. Saves a lot from cost down to security.

More power to decentralization. Free and secure hosting. It's amazing and world will embrace it.