Zero FX - Electric Bike

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Zero FX

Electric Bike



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Hunter's comment

#Hello Guys now I am introducing an amazing Electric bike Zero FX.
First of all watch this video review.

Video Review

Now talk about the features


  • Zero FX can travel over 200,000 miles with the batteries retaining 80% of their original maximum capacity. It's Z-Force® battery technology requires no active cooling or routine maintenance.


  • It's revolutionary motor produces up to 130% more power and 150% more torque. It's compact brush less motor requires no liquid or forced-air cooling and requires no routine maintenance.


  • It's Charge Tank can delivers up to 84 miles of city range. Max out your charge speed by plugin the standard charger in parallel to hit 103 mph of charging.



Hunter: @driplo

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Wow..amazing. I just love it.. I love so much bike. its so expensive I think but your hunt so nice.thanka for.sharing with us..keep it up


I have reviewed your hunt and found some text has been copied; would you please change it?

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Thank you.


I have edited the post


Great support from @monajam

Is this true @driplo?

Zero FX can travel over 200,000 miles with the batteries retaining 80% of their original maximum capacity.

if it is, i am sure this product is great enough.

I took one for a test ride last year, HOLD ON TIGHT..... THIS IS A CROTCH ROCKET! BEST BATTERY GOING you can go 100 miles a day for 5.5 years. $16,000 thou. ;(

certainly not a normal electric bicycle, your battery can last long, travel 200 miles with only 80% of its batteries, you do not need to stop to cool down or maintenance, it has a very powerful motor with 130% and 150% that a common electric motorcycle , it does not make noise because it is electric, and it does not pollute, it has a nice design, great hunting, I love this motorcycle.

Technology is cRaZy these days.........look at that thing! Excellent sleek design! Even the color of it has a certain wow factor to it! Nice!

More and more electric bikes are coming out, and this is a great thing. This one have some advantages like improved battery technology, more powerful motor, and nice range. Great one.

Most lovable Zero FX

Zero FX The electric bike is very awesome, its technique looks great. It does not require regular maintenance. I think this is a good e-bike

Awesome hunt! best of luck

Great Hunt! Incredible Design with a great electric technology and can travel over 200,000 miles with batteries. Thanks for your great hunt

This bike will cover 2,000miles, that is awesome. All features of this bike is lovable.

Good one

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful


  • It have a very high speed and can travel far distance journey.

  • It has a long lasting battery which is rechargeable.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

What a great bike, I like motorcycles and this is one of my favorites. Thanks for haring. Great hunt.

Have always wanted to get a bike and I think have seen this one to be a better choice and cool design

this is a cool ride, would love to get one if i am rich thank you very much for your hunt, steem on~

awesome hunt

Electric bike is innovative in the era of fuel crisis but one thing that I have seen in all these cases is mileage which is less . Other features are gorgeous.

Great Hunt @driplo. The style of this bike is awesome. I want to ride this bike for enjoyment. i wait for your next hunt.

  ·  2년 전

To be an electric bicycle reaches a great speed and the battery lasts a good journey I like this

It will surely be a hit on the market! I've never seen that super speedy Bike with Electricity as its main power. It is absolutely great and wonderful. I hope to see it in the market at an affordable rate. Cool hunt @driplo.

  ·  2년 전

Great Hunt...
84 miles in one charge that is super awesome... Plus it has zero carbon emission...

Good finding friend.
Can save on travel costs to buy fuel.
If you run out of energy, you only need electricity to add power again

*This is really fist of all electro bike.

  • its a very awesome innovative bike
  • It has nice design
  • the charge tank can deliver up-to 84miles of a city range
  • 80% of the the battery can travel up to 200,000 miles

keep it up and have more good Hunts💞💞

wow, I think this electric motorbike is amazing, with a battery capacity that lasts a long time and has strong power so this bike is perfect for use on all types of terrain

Electric bike is the in thing now. I LIKE the power it gives. The design is cool also and very sleek. Cool hunt.

This e-bike is amazing with powerful battery and motor. I like its performance and design. Thanks for sharing cool hunt.

This bike looks very cool, having good speed for long distance. The fact that it doesn't require fuel makes it less prone to ending up in flames and it stays eco-friendly.

Hiii @driplo Awesome Hunt you introduces.

"Zero FX."

It is a revolutionary entry in bikes serial. after seeing whole video of this electric bike "ZERO FX" here are amazing features and a great gift for bike lovers. you really shared a useful product, so keep hunting such an amazing products.

It's cool if I have this motorcycle. I can charge it and ride as far as I can. I love this design.

Thanks for your hunt, brother!

Looks like a great zippy low maintenance bike - perfect for urban areas. Nice hunt!

This is really a mind blowing electric bike, i love the aspect that it can travel 200,000 miles. Wow that is cool i must say.

I love this bike because of the charging feature it has. I can charge it and ride as far as I want, all cool features of this bike are so much interesting.

Great hunt

Man I love this hunt! I really love bikes, but then they made this machine extraordinary! it's capabilities were outstanding, I hope they will add some cool features for the bike like "ABS", "auto-shifters" and so on to make the thrill into a next level, but it was an awesome hunt! Great job! I will give this hunt a score of 5 out of 5!

I liked Zero FX so much, not only because it is an electrical one, it is amazing. Awesome hunt.

Hi @ driplo, super hunting.
The engine looks phenomenally, fast, overwhelmed by the enormous distance, all that can be desired.
No oil changes, dirty filters, spark dirt and chain with grease maintenance.
The engine is compact.
It has only one movable part that transfers the power to the rear wheel via a super-efficient drive drive.

The Zero FX battery offers technology that is covered by a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.
What To say, just - super ...

This trail is very suitable for motorcycle lovers, in addition to its powerful power this trail can also be charger

Zero is a powerful electric bike and no need of fuel for driving with a charging battery the design is very unique and beautiful of this bike .All features of bike is fantastic and i will be buy this bike when i have money

great electric motorcycle and people wanting one of the normal ones having one of these in which they can be handled in the same way as with a normal one and more knowing that they help the planet great hunting

I have shared your post on my facebook account with over 5,000 followers. Nice hunt, I definitely need one to forget about crypto!

Nice hunt!!

  • The battery is claimed to last for a very long time. 200000 miles and still retain 80% of original charge capacity. That is a bold claim.
  • It has powerful and compact motors.


  • None for this hunt except that It is able to deliver 84 miles of range per charge which is not quite among the best out there.

It is great to see electrical eco-friendly bikes, Zero FX's designation as also wonderful. Good hunt

It's like a cool motorbike, with an electric battery that is so comfortable and efficient




  • None

Cool! I am beginning to be a fan of electric bike. I love the fact it can go miles and the battery is also durable. Nice hunt

I like to buy one but it is Rs. 10,07,280 in Indian currency. with full accessories. Nice hunt

Good hunt


Run on electricity
Good battery life
On one charge you may go 84 miles
It good for city ride



The range of about 87 km is not bad. The normal charging time is given by the manufacturer as 9.7 hours. The charging time with maximum number of additional chargers is only 1.8 hours (full / 1.3 hours (95%).
I have to have a look! Thank you very much!

I need that product, I think it is so cost free byke. i like it so much.

A very unique electric bike. Indeed I never like bikes but this one totally changed my mind and now I will have to get some bike like that in future. Thanks for sharing

I ahve seen various e-bikes and I accept in this field i have seen lots of development. Various famous companies are coming with something new with e-bikes. But believe me Zero FX is best one so far. I need more stuff like that here so keep your searching up and also happy hunting @driplo

103 mph of charging is not a joke. I love this bike and also this feature made my day:
Zero FX can travel over 200,000 miles with the batteries retaining 80% of their original maximum capacity. It's Z-Force® battery technology requires no active cooling or routine maintenance.
Keep sharing stuff like that and also happy hunting.

Its first impression makes this bike fall in love with it:

I think it has all the cool features with some bonus features as well that make it a perfect bike. Just take a look at what it offers:

Zero FX can travel over 200,000 miles with the batteries retaining 80% of their original maximum capacity.

It's revolutionary motor produces up to 130% more power and 150% more torque. It's compact brush less motor requires no liquid or forced-air cooling and requires no routine maintenance.

It's Charge Tank can delivers up to 84 miles of city range.

I think Zero FX is a perfect next generation bike. Thanks @driplo for this amazing and cool hunt!

Hi @driplo, This is probably one of the best bikes I have seen here at @steemhunt. The reason is that it has some cool features that stands it next to some of the best bikes in the world. I've already become a fan of this cool bike and going to explore it more to know about its price. Excellent work and really really cool hunt.

I really love these. I'm actually really tempted to buy one - it'd be perfect for where I live (out in the countryside, but close(ish) to a city.

I've never ridden a proper motorbike before, so don't have a [UK] bike license. But the one thing which puts me off, is that there's no sound - so not only are you less visible (on a bike), but you're also super quiet. In the city, especially, this would be a big factor for me - you'd have people stepping out in front of you, as they can't hear you coming.

LIke Your Product really cool hunt

wow........i really want this one.

Great to see another company building an all electric bike. I truly hope this will become a success.

Awesome hunt i like it and Thanks You for sharing this beautiful hunt


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Zero is a powerful electric bike. Specially it's battery and mobile app for monitoring bike and it's parts

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This is looking so cool and comfortable. I want to ride on this beautiful electric bike.

I really like how bike makers are becoming more environmentally conscious, but at the same time they are not sacrificing performance. This thing looks awesome. Good hunt


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