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Websites on URL fragments



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Hunter's comment

itty.bitty is a new tool to create HTML pages on links. A simple itty.bitty page URL looks like this:

After the # char you can see the title of the document, then the content. See the example live.

Having scripts, small websites, notes on itty.bitty may just work well. Since it's just a small javascript you can run it everywhere without a server connection.

A few examples about what can be done:

Check How it works page to find out the sorcery behind it. It's also an open-source project.



Hunter: @emrebeyler

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Great hunt @emrebeyler! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.


  • very intuitive and easy to use
  • no need for a server to publish a site
  • the documentation is sufficient
  • it's free


  • somewhat limited use

Here is my review for your product:


  • It can hide the real-link
  • Very easy to use
  • Nice tool for developers


  • Nothing for this product

My comment:
Simple but useful!

For this product, I like to mark it as

Good work on hunting, thank for bring us a good product

(Please noted that it is my personal opinion only)

Very good hunting @emrebeyler, is an excellent tool to shorten those long URLs, I'll leave you my pros and cons.


  • It is easy to use and very useful for pages that use very large url's.
  • Its coding is very clean, and it is well documented, perfect to be reusable in other projects.
  • This tool can also optimize time when it comes to having a database of websites.


  • Can be used for malicious purposes, masking harmful directions.


It's great to see a great hunt from you and this is my opinion about your hunt


  • Having a hobby of making HTML is a fun thing, this product makes us want to wear it, very useful because it has script and can function well.
  • you can run it without a connection, so wherever you are, you can do it. Good enough and very many benefits of using this product


  • None for this hunt

This is the value I give to your hunt

Greetings @emrebeyler and @interfecto, you could guide me on what is the process to claim the Pending claimed accounts?


  • interesting ideas


  • dunno what is it used for
  • it makes the url very long
  • url shorteners are more useful

It's not a URL shortener.

Great hunt!

The lines of text below contain my opinion about this product. I'll write down the things I like or dislike about it.


  • it can be shared via QR code, that way you can acces it with smartphones pretty easy
  • they don't store data to their server
  • being on a domain is easy to practice and learn on it


  • nothing

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