Bottle+ - Create Sparkling Water Anytime & Anywhere

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Create Sparkling Water Anytime & Anywhere



Hunter's comment

This bottle is specially designed which will serve the purpose of soda outside the home. it is easy rechargeable and quick response bottle which will give you instantly soda anywhere anytime.
Here is the competitive advantages-
It is come up with different different colours and recyclable which will reduce the wastage of plastic. There are some other hand features of this bottle which is very much helpful for your outside activities and you can check it out here.


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If you are a fan of fizzy water, this is a way of making your own fizz. The cylinder forces CO2 into the bottle of ordinary water, creating fizzy water.

This is really nice. I love this very well. Bottle that are rechargeable to make soda.

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For those that love soda, this will be what they want. Nice hunt.


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