InnovBottle - AI & sensor in the water bottle for intelligent hydration

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AI & sensor in the water bottle for intelligent hydration



Hunter's comment

This water bottle is smartly designed with artificial intelligence and sensor which will let us know about many information of the water. Here are the features you can find from this bottle project-

✓ Live Liquid Quality Tracker
✓ Live Temperature
✓ Tap screen display
✓ Bluetooth 5.0 connect to smart phones
✓ Waterproof charging port
✓ Drinking reminder
✓ Customizable engraving


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This is nice bottle and a good product to have for sure.

InnovBottle is an innovative bottle. good product to choose.

Nice use of AI technology it seems and its good

Drinking clean water is very important for health so this bottle would be useful for everyone

Wow! What a great product you have searched. This is quite a good bottle which contains a lot of features. Great Hunt!


Ya. It has some tremendous features. Thanks

It's cool to have tech integration. But do you really need AI to tell you to stay hydrated. I think people should be more aware about their own bodies. We shouldn't let machines tell us everything.

Thi bottle will really help everyone the examine and know about the quality of water they are drinking/using.

Nice AI & sensor in the water bottle for intelligent hydration

InnovBottle looks quite amazing sensor in the water bottle for intelligent hydration, thanks for sharing.


Thank you as well for checking.

Great app, thank you very much for sharing, have a good day and a great mood

Thank you for sharing this great hunt with us. InnovBottle is smartly designed for you using Artificial Intelligence and Sensors. Can see live temperature. Thank you very much for using.

Interesting bottle and worth giving it a try and I like it

InnovBottle, Intelligent Hydration. promises a comprehensive smart water bottle.
Interesting Hunt! @engrsayful
Thank you!

Great hunt! Thanks for showing them to us, without a doubt it will be very helpful for everyone.


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