Atomic Wallet - Future for Cross-Chain Swaps

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Atomic Wallet

Future for Cross-Chain Swaps


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Hunter's comment

Atomic Wallet already is launched and now on has most of the coins/tokens trad able. The wallet itself has multi-purposes. Atomic Wallet radically solves problems of the blockchain and the financial markets of the exchanges, where the markets are remaining necessity of trust towards centralized financial services in an otherwise decentralized environment.

Atomic Wallet supports the platforms of:
● Microsoft Windows
● MacOS
● Ubuntu
● Debian
● Fedora

Scoring the Project (Pros)

The Features of Atomic wallet are so many:

  • Atomic Wallet is gathering both successful and unsuccessful trades into ​blocks and the whole block is approved
  • Atomic Swaps Technology
  • Immutability and decentralization

The product itself is still new, and there are many wallets and new exchanges coming, but this one seems different.

download (2).jpg
Brings great changes for the Wallets

YES , I am giving a try!

Further recommendations for weak points (cons)


  • I am not an expert for the wallets, but its seem great for me, we will see with time for their success



Hunter: @enisshkurti

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  • No registration required.
  • Unlimited assets exchanges.
  • Peer to peer transaction.
  • Guaranteed transaction time.
  • Real time updated buy and sell orders.
  • Provide up to date market information.


  • Your antivirus can detect it as an unwanted program due to BitTorrent Protocol used for Disturbed Order Book.

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I have been using this Wallet myself for a bit now and love it. At first I got hit by an unexpected (n00b) fee. I was new to the game and failed to get the Crypto I wanted in time before an airdrop :(

Anyways I love the wallet, fees are low, you can swap tokens right in the APP and its available on all platforms.

Great Hunt ;)

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