BioLite FirePit - Would you like to charge with charcoal grill ?

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BioLite FirePit

Would you like to charge with charcoal grill ?






Hunter's comment

When you go to the picnic, do you want to get rid of the smoke that bothered you when you burn the fire and sit around?

Biolite FirePit has a special system that makes it possible to burn much less fumes than firewood or coal used in traditional burners and mangas.
The Biolite FirePit's ability to run at four different speeds allows you to adjust the intensity of the flames. So, when something needs to be cooked quickly, go roast the fan!
Biolite Camping Heaven has a 360 ° transparent look, which makes the fireplace enjoyable in outdoor environments

The installation is quite easy to ignite while on the one hand to eat power on the one hand to charge the phone

With the mobile app you can control the speed of the fans and control the fire.

I am very excited to camp!

BioLite FirePit Burning Test



Hunter: @ertugrul

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  • Useful products which turn sunlight into energy
  • I like the sleek design of the items
  • The price is fair in my point of view, e.g. 25€ for a light


  • Nothing here :)

Thank you for beautiful comment :)


modern design
good reviews from customers
cool technology
pleasant user experience
None I see

Hi @ertugrul,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed it.

Can you please update the product link (through the steemhunt website) to point at the actual product website/profile, rather than the Kickstarter campaign. We prefer the official site over campaigns.

Please feel free to link the Kickstarter campaign in the description though.

Please let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change so I can review your hunt and approve it. Thanks in advance!


I made changes. Thank you :) @fknmayhem


Thanks, approved.

Excellent product with dual purpose - a fire pit and a charger for campers, mountaineers and families who loves to travel.

Can't wait to try it.

Awesome hunt.


Thank you for comment👍🏼💪🏼

@project7 @SteemHunt why was this approved? According to you grills were only going to be accepted if they had "spaceship titanium materials"
That is why I had 3 grills rejected by your service. Which one grill was more advanced than this one. It could do 3 FUELS. This only does 2.
Screenshot (254).png
Screenshot (255).png

All my grills rejected with 1 way better than this one that got approved.

Biolite makes some awesome camp equipment. I have the biolite stove, grill, and kettle and it's awesome. This looks like they're taking it to a whole other level. Could power your whole camp with that battery pack I bet and have lights in everyone's tents and everyone's phones charged from one spot.



yes I agree with you these are wonderful products👍🏼💪🏼

I gotta say thanks for sharing this.
Literally one of the coolest gadgets I've seen in quite some time.
Not only will I be buying this and supporting their Kickstarter, but you also got me to check out SteemHunt.
For that you can have my 100% upvote.


That's not even on Kickstarter anymore.


I am very happy to help you :)I would recommend steemhunt a very nice platform. Do you like to barbecue? @jonny-clearwater


Not as much as I like to bring a fire with me wherever I go....
And the @steemhunt site....fucking top notch!
Thanks for introducing me to both these things.


Of course, the future will come new post💪🏼

Thanks for sharing this. Thanks to you, I've learned something new. please continue


You've made me very happy. Of course, the future will come @canburaksimsek

Great product, it has a fan and can be controlled via an app wow @ertugrul But I needed a gun tho, I hope they have some product like it at steemhunt.


Maybe there's a gun in there :) Thank you for comment


  • A smokeless wood-burning FirePit. (Pretty cool)
  • great design
  • 360-degree floating fire
  • Carry to your favorite outdoor spot and seamlessly charge when not in use.


  • great hunt, none that i can think of.

Oo thank you :))


  • Innovative product and attractive design
  • Very help for those who don't like too much smoke
  • High-quality material is used
  • Support speed control system for controlling a high and low speed of fun
  • Have app for control intensity that's really great
  • Have the very low price of $60
  • Overall Cool hunt


  • no cons found by me

Thank you for very beautiful comment :)


you're welcome


It's $199.99.....the free bag that come with pre-order is a $60 value
Otherwise spot on

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Teşekkür ederim kardeşim güzel yorumun için :)

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