FACETUNE 2 - An Application Carrying Photo Studio to Your Phone

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An Application Carrying Photo Studio to Your Phone






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I can look for an application that Facetune 2 will make everybody's life real easy. When you take a selfie or a normal photo, you can whiten your teeth, make your eyes and smile more distinctive, change your eye color, or focus on detail and add different innovations. Besides these, you can also remove the wrinkles or stains on your face. Using professional and artistic tools, you can get rid of the need for a smartphone.


  • Bleach your teeth

  • Expand your eyes and smile

  • Change eye color

  • Add eye details & reflections for glare eyes

  • Move over stains or wrinkles to remove instantly from the center

  • Smooth your skin for a perfect, shiny look

  • Minimize pores and get rid of black stains

  • Darken the skin color that is excessively red

  • Get the greasy shine shine

  • Revive a boring, pale skin with a vivid sparkle

  • Easily enlarge or minimize lines

  • Change the light source for perfect illumination

  • HDR colors for fine details

  • Remove shadows or glare caused by excessive light

  • Have the highest level of denotation on temperature, fullness, and more

  • See the changes you've made in each step before and after with the Easy Compare tool

  • Change the backgrounds magically

  • Talk about your artistry with a unique prism effect

  • Fun, creative and colorful light effects

Trailer Video

Seller: Lightricks Ltd.
Size: 166.8 MB
Category: Photo & Video
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

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Hunter: @ertugrul


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  • Great app for people engrossed in photography
  • Handy and can be downloaded
  • Cool application for photo editing
  • Comes with great features


  • None that I could think of

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TrCleaners Ekibi.


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professional tools to enhance your photos
get rid of greasy looking skin
get rid of bags under the eyes
review the changes and see before and after


Ovv great💪🏼👍🏼


  • easy to enhance the photos


  • only support iphone

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Pros: This product has all features for photo editing software.
Cons: it can be used for scamming, "Beast become the beauty".


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