PlateJoy App - Personalized meal plans designed for your health

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PlateJoy App

Personalized meal plans designed for your health






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Many do not have an idea of healthy recipes to go for to improve their health, maintain a good weight and help with excessive weight loss.

I'm super delighted sharing this App with you all.

PlateJoy App helps you achieve the healthy body you have desired through lifestyle modification your meal plan is personalized to suit your taste from low carbs to paleo to vegetarian etc.

Most meals are consumable but not all are healthily selected and prepared. As much as we know that we're what we eat some don't take this into consideration at an early stage until there is a problem whereby been overweight is connected to a disease condition.

PlateJoy app makes it easy to have your customized meal plans and a 10day free trial for this app is available to all to see how great it is by simply signing up with your email.

  • On PlateJoy app you have a personal coach that is a health expertise that provides you with the appropriate nutritional information to ensure you stay healthy, a video interview with your coach is possible.
  • You can switch your diet preference anytime for free.
  • Your grocery list is taken care off to keep in check your daily calories intake, through the recipes available you can learn how to prepare healthy diets with adequate nutrients.
  • Instacart takes care of your grocery list if you sent your list through them for delivery
  • It makes shopping straight forward, saves your time, reduce unnecessary food wastage, etc.

Your body will thank you for a long time when you use PlateJoy App.

If you know anyone battling with so much weight that is most likely going to make him or her susceptible to disease conditions such as hypertension, diabetes etc or anyone who wants live healthier please recommend PlateJoy App to such an individual.
PlateJoy app is for the benefit of all.
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Super Hunt @eunireal1

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.


  • Idea / Innovation
    The idea of "PlateJoy App" is quite simple but unique, you can get a reference to healthy living.

  • Desing / UI / Spec
    The UI of the application is very simple, easy to use.

  • Features / Advantages
    You can plan any healthy food to keep your health fit. A wide selection of healthy food is provided.

  • Benefits
    You will not mistakenly choose bad food. This is great for life.

  • Adoptions
    Adoption may be a bit slow because people are still happy to eat meat or fatty foods.

Nothing. This is great for helping to stay healthy.

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To be frank your review is just mind blowing.
I can't thank you enough for visiting my product hunt for steemhunt it means a lot.
From your review I'm already drawn to your manner of person


you are welcome buddy,
but my english translation is really bad :(


  • This is a great app for those who want to lose weight
  • You can control and monitor the meal you take.
  • Your diet coach is available for you and can give you their expert opinion about your diet intake
  • It can help you in your grocery shopping, as you can readily access your food list recommended by an expert.


  • It may feel as a robotic life if everytime an app suggests you what to eat.
  • It may get boring sometimes because you may want to eat something else, or go to a restaurant.
  ·  2년 전

App is good for losing weight but the main thing is to avoid junk food and be physically active.


Thanks for your contribution it means a lot

Hi @eunireal1,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


Hello Moderator @fknmayhem
Sir this means a lot and I say thank you for reviewing my hunt, much love from Hunter Eunireal1.
Have a super fun day.

thanks for sharing, but am not sure if I'd rely on an app to tell me what I should eat. It's very informative though.

Hey @eunireal1!

Great hunt! While this app looks very promising and functional as a reference for a healthier lifestyle. It is a paid app, which might deter most users who may not have the luxury of disposable income to try it out. Fortunately there is a 30 day trial, maybe I can find a perfect time to fully utilize the 30 day trial.

However from your hunt your seem to speak from experience, how was your experience with the app for far?

Also you mentioned that you are the maker of the app? That's strange, isn't the CEO of platejoy someone by the name of Christina Bognet? How can you say you're a maker of this app?

cc to @fknmayhem and @project7


I appreciate your contribution on my product hunt.

And Thanks for drawing my attention to the part of the makers of this app Awesomianist
I entered the section based on an oversight as a new steemhunter.
Thanks for drawing my attention to this once again.


Pros :

  • Can really help on plan your meal and your recipes which gives you a more fitness health and aside from that you can personalized it the way you want it which makes it more flexible than other counterparts.
  • It has a more advance lifestyle quizs which gives you more learning and education in regards to knowing your taste and your preference.
  • You can easily make a more organized and simple list which gives you more convenient way on doing shopping where you can access it through your phone.
  • With this application there is less food will be wasted since you will have a proper computation of each food that you eat according to your desired food choice basing on your fitness health.

Cons :

  • You need to pay for this application for $19 per month

Thanks so much Sir for your review you nailed it


  • Now you can personalize your daily meal
  • free available in market place
  • healthy recipes available
  • Platejoy app saves your time and reduce unnecessary wasteg


  • not found any

You just briefed the amazing facts about this app.
Thanks so much Sir for your review this means a lot.


  • This PlateJoy App can make us more health
  • Improve the lifestyle
  • Fulfill every people’s need
  • Customized plan for everyone is nice
  • Free trial


  • None for this hunt I can find

Thanks so much for giving this awesome review
You rock


  • Healthy recipes available
  • Fulfill every people’s need
  • This PlateJoy App can make us more health
  • Innovative idea implemented
  • None


Thanks so much Sir for your input


  • Professional advice. You can get the advice from the health expertise, which can help you to change your current diet.


  • Responsibility problem. It is concerned that someone may get sick because of using the recommended diet menu, which may face the prosecution.

Hello @tinytaruen
I really want to say a big thank you for finding time to review this app along with me.
I do appreciate your input

It is helpful and thanks too.. Hope l can prepare one with DIY


Dear @mcsamm
I suggest you give this wonderful app a try by simply entering your email address and enjoy the free 10days trial before downloading the app.
I bet you your so going to enjoy the guide to achieving your health goals.
We all need to monitor our daily calories and stay fit.
Thanks for coming by Sir.

Nice app, helpful to prepare meal. Love it


I am so loving it

It's a cool app. Thanks @eunireal1

Perfect app for a foodie like me, always love to experiment when it comes to food.


Hello @tomboy
To be sincere with you I'm also a Foodie but I really need to develop the habit of eating healthy and this was one of the major reason why I went for this app.
It simply suits my plan of eating clean before the end of the year.
Thanks for coming by

Great hunt @eunireal1! I really need to try this app.

In the following lines I'll write my opinion about this app, the things I like and dislike about it.


  • the first thing that got my attention is that it has a 10 days trial, this is great
  • they have 3 big plans, one for weight loss, one for planning meals and one to prevent diabetes
  • they can filter a lot to create a personalized meal
  • you get full nutritional detailed list for each meal
  • it reduces your grocery list, you buy only what you need


  • nothing, even the price is cheap

Thank you for the hunt!


Exatly I love your review so much it is very straight to the point and I enjoyed reading through every line of your pros about this app.
I'm in love with the 10 days trial

It really a wow


Thank you very much

Hey, @eunireal1 this really helpful app health care assistant
great hunt

Here is my review


  • Innovative idea implemented
  • Gives go healthy meal plan daily basis
  • take few steps to give you complete meal plan
  • Change diet planing any time
  • Normal price range packages
  • Recommended by many professionals
  • Overall cool hunt


  • No cons found

Here is something for your Hunt


Yayyyyyyy thanks for your nice contribution


  • Free available in app store.
  • Improve the lifestyle.
  • Diet recipes available.
  • We can change diet planing any time.
  • Nothing i found.

  ·  2년 전


  • So many healthy recipes available.
  • This app will save our important time.
  • Acceptable price.
  • You can change diet plane any time you want.
  • None.