Car Wash - kids to learn how to clean many different cars

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Car Wash

kids to learn how to clean many different cars



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Car Wash is a fun game for your kids to learn how to wash cars, in the game the kids have to wash different types of cars. While washing the war, they need to apply all kind of soap, shampoo and other things required to wash a car.


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My three year old brother completely loves this game, and I've played it myself and it is very entertaining. Problem is,he's finished all the cars several times and there's no new ones to buy.

This is a way to teach how children how to wash cars for real as they would want to try and wash real cars the same way they do on the phone when playing this game.... awesome hunt man

According to a certain movie it also teaches karate.

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and prepare them for a bright future with this


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Can you let me on know your telegram id @crypto.piotr

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crypto_piotr :)


Hi @crypto.piotr, i use telegram and discord

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