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Introducing, Uber’s Open Source Geospatial Toolbox



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With it is possible to explore large-scale geolocation data sets in a visual way.



Hunter: @fel1xw

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Pros :

  • Able you to create maps and colors
  • High performance web application
  • Able you to create more detailed map

Cons :

  • Requires practice to have quality output


Creation of maps
Use of data points to provide GPS data instantly
Provides information for more detailed maps


Requires practice to obtain expertise

Hi @fel1xw,

Thanks for your hunt. I have reviewed it but sadly enough I can not approve it as the description is a direct copy-paste from the project’s Github repo.

As per our positing guidelines:

5. Plagiarism and Copyright

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If you rewrite the description, please let me know via a comment reply so I can review it again. Thanks in advance for your understanding!


Thanks for you review, I just updated the comment to be something more simple for now.


Thanks for the update. I will approve your hunt now. 🤘

I voted for you. I hope for an answer.

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I used this recently to visualize refugee data - excellent and easy to use!