GoCube - The Classic Puzzle Reinvented

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The Classic Puzzle Reinvented



Hunter's comment

I'm sure everyone remembers playing with cubes when we were young.

Since its invention in 1974, the cube has captured the minds and hearts of people all over the world.

But not much has really changed since.

Now, GoCube is offering a new way to play with the cube.

Enjoy cubing with GoCube.


How to play


  • learn basic solving steps for beginners
  • follow along simply and interactively


  • improve your completion time and become a speedcuber
  • break down complex algorithms


  • play with friends across the world
  • pick from boards of people looking to compete


  • Mini games that improve your handling and instincs
  • Use GoGube as a controller


  • Free apps is available on iOS and Android
  • Quality wireless connection using Bluetooth 5.0
  • Low power use
  • Light indicator





Hunter: @fenrir78


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  • A perfect hunt for a cube lovers
  • You can learn with it
  • You can also compete players who wants to have a challenge
  • It has many features that you can enjoy


  • None for this amazing hunt

COOL Product! @ fenrir78

Although arguably almost no different from the previous cube system, GoCube actually synchronizes the cube with a smartphone. Broadly speaking the technology used is quite capable, because we can record how our learning progress solves the puzzle.

The Bluetooth controls provided are also very useful.

Even so, I judge that this product is less useful in people's lives.

Nevertheless, it turns out that very many people are interested in this project, and even funding reaches more than 200%.


  • This is really great for someone who wants to see or assess his time record in solving the cube
  • It will be a fun and interactive game since you will be able to have battles with different people across the globe
  • You are able to play games so the usual solving of the cube will have some twists


  • I see no cons for this one since this is a really great product


  • I would enjoy to have this at home :D
  • I like the idea of the product
  • Innovative idea that will change a lot


  • I can't say anything bad about it

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Pros :

  • A perfect way to play cubes in a much interactive way
  • You will learn at the same time level up
  • You can even do some battles with friends or other people and compete with them on leaderboards
  • You can also play some mini-games and missions, to make it more exciting
  • It can be the best evolution for GoCube


  • I have no cons for this product for it has shown its creativeness and technology

Thanks for the review.

우와 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


완젼 재밌겠죠? ㅎㅎㅎ

큐브를 한번도 맞춰본적이 없는데 이걸 사용하면 풀이방법도 제공해 주는군요 ㅎㅎ


하나 사 볼려구요. 아들한테 아주 유용할 것 같아요 ㅎㅎ

Pros :

  • there's a free application available in iOS and Android
  • you can learn basic solving steps especially to the beginners
  • will learn and level up

Cons :

No cons for this interactive cube game

응원 하고 갑니다.


응원 감사합니다!!!

10위 안에 드시길 바라며!! 보팅 팍!


응원 감사드립니다!! ㅎㅎㅎ

This appears to be a snazzy hunt.

Pros :

  • Helps someone who may not already know how to solve a rubix cube, solve it.
  • Allows the puzzle solver to look back at errors they made
  • cool responsive app
  • the gocube appears to be very well build and will not break easily.

Cons :

  • price point is much higher than just the rubix cube
  • isn't someone who is motivated enough to learn how to solve a cube puzzle like this... wouldn't they be able to learn how to solve it whether purchasing a more expensive app or just the rubix cube itself?

우와 이거 재밌겠는데요. 응원합니다^^


아이들에게 완전 좋은 아이템인 것 같습니다. 감사합니다!!!

오~ 10위네요! 리스팀으로 응원합니다. ^^


아웅, 감사 드립니다!!!

순위권에 들기를....응원합니다^^


ㅎㅎ 응원 감사합니다^^

Now I can find out easily WHY ON EARTH I never seem to be able to solve that darn cube puzzle.

Love it! I've been playing with the rubic cube, for years now always when I am bored... This could change the game a little!


  • You can compete with people from around the world
  • You always see the time directly on the app
  • Instruction is in the app, for newcomers


  • How is the haptic?
  • You need battery life




Great hunt ! Here are my thoughts on this
Pros :

  • They have small mini games that u can play
  • The application which comes with this is IOS and ANDROID supported
  • The cube has a low power dissipation
  • You can play with your friends and compare with their scores

Cons :

  • The cubes is not as responsive (Connection with the application ) as you are expecting it to be .
  • The also need some fixes

It's a great hunt my friend, makes me want to play it :-)


  • New way of playing the cube
  • Track your progress and level
  • Has different levels which makes it even more fun


  • A bit expensive compared to the original cube


  • Benefitial for humanity
  • The product is totally awesome
  • Easy to use and get started


  • Nah

요즘 핫한 스팀헌트...
큐브 사용 방법인가바요...


네, 감사합니다. 덕분에 꽤 순위권에 들었습니다.


  • The mini games look great. I love this entire concept.
  • An in-genius way of reinventing a classic toy.


  • It's a little bit of a shame that this digitalisation is required, but I'm glad it's been done. Rubix must be so angry they didn't invent this.

@fenrir78 is a good way to play gocube . It shows how smart and intelligent someone can be

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오....신기한 녀석이네요 ㅎ


ㅎㅎ 완젼 신기방기한 놈입니다. 감사합니다.

This looks pretty cool! I never learned how to solve these myself, but this definitely looks like a great teaching tool.