Is It Vegan? - Learn If Any Product is Vegan Or Not

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Is It Vegan?

Learn If Any Product is Vegan Or Not


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A fantastic app for people who don't want to eat any animal products in there diet. Just scan a bar code and the Is It Vegan app will tell you if the product is vegan, vegetarian, or neither.


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Awesome app to get learning about food. Becuse we have to know healthy food to grow our body up with health


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  ·  3년 전

This is such an useful app for those who are vegan. With todays focus on food an d the not so good treatment of animals we eat, the number of vegans is growing. Personally doubt if the majority will become vegan over time, but for those who will, let Is it Vegan App help you.

BTW, we will get artificial produced meat on the market in the near to medium future, which has the exact same characteristics to real meat. At that point in time, we can stop growing animals for consumption, and still enjoy meat. How cool is that!?


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Since vegetarians do not consume ethereal foods, they want to know which food they can eat safely. Using this application you can easily learn what food to consume. But the appstore score is 2.3 and this score is quite low.

Great product. This is not only going to make the lives of vegans easier. It's also going to help those of us who are interested in reducing meat consumption. It's a great app that covers many food items. The app is great for those who a interested in nutrition and ingredients because this app takes care of that too.

I just hope they'd keep updating the app adding more and more food items and if possible, some AR features to automatically recognize and label vegan products would be really amazing.

great hunt. something my vegan friends have been looking for a long time. Due to bad eyesight, they (my friends, not all vegans) can't see the ingredients. now it is super easy to find if a product is vegan or not, the camera will turn into a barcode scanner and voila, no more meat. my vegan friends always complained about not being able to tell vegan food from non-vegan food. wow!

  ·  3년 전

An awesome vegan food identification system. Vegans are going to love it, as it can sometimes get difficult to ascertain the exact contents of a meal.

Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

It's really helpful for me as because I am a Veg Guy and I don't want to eat any animal however I eat only eggs but not any animal. Veg Only Veg...

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

A app For vegansl's that tells you that a product is vegan or not. Sometimes it is difficult to identify vegan foods but this app will tell you all details of the product simply by scanning the barcode.

Vegan lifestyle requires a lot of monitoring and paranoia because you really need to know the contents of whatever you are buying from the market. I am not a vegan but I respect the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves since we all cannot live the same lifestyle. This app will definitely come in handy for such people.

WoW this is very useful especially for new vegans like me. I install and open the app & it ask me do you want to treat sugar as vegan or as not vegan & from there it decides the product with sugar is vegan or not, i really like the app coz it allow users to search for products just click on any product & it'll show how vegan it is and it'll explain in details & then it also has a scanning option which'll tell users that if a thing is vegan or not. Awesome Search

Wow, how awesome! I am a vegan and this app will save me so much time and energy in trying to look everything up on google. Great hunt!

This is such a useful app for both those who are new to being vegan and want to make sure they are eating the correct things or for those who have been vegan a while and sometimes aren't sure,it also lists all the ingredients and as a gauge indicator to indicate if it's safe for vegetarians, best of all it's FREE.

Those who eat just everything can't understand of vegan people. As a vegetarian, I can understand the importance of this app. It would be interesting to use the barcode tech and find what one's eating.

I am not aware of technicalities of this app. But reading the comments of other hunters it seems a very good idea and people can save their time and time is money. Thanks for sharing a valuable stuff.

For vegan lover, it will be super duper useful :kiss:
Nah, the fact is vegan is better than other food.

Most of the people can sense easily their choice in diet.
But sometime dish does not allows you to sense that its vegan, vegetarian, or neither.
This app feature help you anywhere. Whenever you visit a new and different place and you dont know about there foods. It will quickly provide the information about foods.

Really it;s amazing bcz each and every place people have different food habit and different diet. So it help the people who are very sensitive to eating.


This is excellent and helpful for people that have different chices in eating as some people are vegetarian while others are non vwgetarian. They can make the difference with just scanning.
Cool hunt.

Wow! An excellent idea. This is very amazing. This gives you a all information about the product. I will try this app. I must recommend this app to everyone. Thanks for sharing.

Nice hunt @fruitdaddy! This is definitely a handy app for any vegan or vegetarian. Shopping can be tricky for them because it's sometimes hard to tell if a food has eggs dairy or other animal products. This makes it easy. Happy hunting and have a great week ahead!

Some people misunderstand the vegan foods and this app helps them to properly understand the vegan products with extra details. All you have to do is to scan the barcode and app will tell you relevant details about thay product

  ·  3년 전

hmm this is indeed helpful for vegetarians i know some of my friends are pure on vegies they would love to check this out

This can be a real helpful app for people who need to be sure about their consumption. This is a simple solution to make vegan people worry free. Nice hunt!

Off course, every person do not properly know about vegan, so this app will help to find out about food that either it is suitable for health or not.

Really it is fantastic app which guide about vegan product because it is much difficult to identify all product that either it is vegan or not.


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