Wolf Flow - A desktop productivity software creating 1-click transitions

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Wolf Flow

A desktop productivity software creating 1-click transitions






Hunter's comment

  • Wolf flow is a desktop program and it helps to you organize your works without disarrangement.
  • Daily routine works become easy way with Work Flow, because it organized your works on pc.
  • Wolf flow can regulate your time. You can set up your works with date or creating sessions. In this way, you can spend more time for yourself or you can work other project at the same time
  • You can group windows and apps into Sessions, to easily transition betwen clients, task or projects.
  • You can save and return back and jump between priorites with a single click with Create projects Sessions.
  • Briefly, wolf flow provides efficent time on life and it helps you to organize your work flows
  • You can learn how to use this program with video

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    Hunter: @galadriell


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    I like that. Looks like we need some more updates.


    it's very usefull program to manage wasting time. Cool lol


    • Helpful in organizing material in an efficient ways
    • Time tracking feature help in many ways
    • Very attractive UI for Windows
    • Overall Cool Hunt


    • Only for Windows there should be other operating system support

    Yeap, it is only for Windows, but I think, project owners will develop for OS or other systems. Thanks for commeting me

    Nice Hunt, it's a very cool product.

    Pros :

    • can help organize even the most unorganized minds
    • offers an organizational flow that can help a busy mind
    • will save you time

    Cons :

    • none that I can think of

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